How to use HackJack

4 min readNov 13, 2020

After you’ve downloaded and installed the application it should startup for you automatically.

When this occurs, you will want to hit the HackJack 0.3 tab:

Click HackJack Tab

The next step will be to either have PokerStars VR already open and you’re in the lobby, or to open the PokerStars VR app within VR.

Pinning the VR app to your desktop

Perfect Poker and Hackjack only work currently if you have a steam or oculus link connection. You will want to pin the application “Perfect Poker VR” from your Oculus Home Dashboard into the game. Please check this link out if you do not know how to pin the app into the background:

Join a Blackjack Table

Once you have the tab set up and ready to go, you can join a pokerstars blackjack table. Optionally you can start a private table as well. This can be fun with friends that also use the app.

How do I win?

There are a few caveats that need to be explained before you think you can just win this game.

  1. Blackjack is beatable, but you can also lose if you play long enough.
  2. Just because the edge is in your favour, it does not guarantee that you get the winning cards. The dealer can get them too.
  3. Counting Cards works for long term distribution, not short term. It is not wise to make ridiculously high bets when the count comes up every time and has an expectation of winning many hands.
  4. Bankroll Management is a key component to successfully profiting from Blackjack. Being on tables that you cannot afford to be on is a very very bad idea. An ideal situation is you should only be willing to risk 20% of your bankroll on a table. So do the math, figure that out, and play responsibly.
  5. We have purposely added a timeout system if you are losing more than 20% of your original bankroll that you started with. This means that if you’re below the original bankroll by 20% it will put you on an hour timeout. Go play poker or something.
  6. Most importantly, you must play the provided blackjack strategy to win. If you split 10’s or deviate from the standard strategy, you hurt your chances of winning. When the count is high, you must assume the dealer has 20 when they are showing a 10, and splitting 10’s will take away from the 90% chance you have of pushing or winning and risk way more money in the process. Only advanced blackjack players should deviate based on their deep understanding of the math and probabilities.
  7. Hit on 16 against a 7, 8, 9, 10, etc. You will win more than not in the long run.
  8. We have also added some machine learning that detects edges besides the high count, and we ask you to follow all the same principles here.

So by following the system you will win more often than not with Blackjack.

If you see the fire hand then bet the number of times the minimum bet. So if this is 5000, then bet 15,000.

If you see no bet or min bet, it means that on a multitable you can skip betting, and on a private table you can make a minimum bet.

Alternative Betting Strategy

There are other methods of betting the count if you do not want to risk high amounts of your bankroll when the count is high. For example, when HackJack shows Min Bet, place the least amount of bet you can on the table. This is simply to ride out the bad hands. On a multi-table, you can choose not to place a bet, and let other players continue while you wait for a high count or edge. When the count is high or the fire hand is visible, instead of placing 2x or 5x, just choose a spread you would like.


Count: -0.7 (Min Bet): Your Actual Bet Amount is $5,000 (the min bet)

Count 3.47 (Bet 4X): Your Actual Bet Amount is $50,000

Count 2.42 (Bet 3X): Your Actual Bet Amount is $50,000

Count 8.12 (Bet 9X): Your Actual Bet Amount is $50,000

Count -2.4 (Min Bet/No Bet): Your Actual Bet Amount is $5,000 (min bet)

This will allow for a smooth transition into high edge without risking variable amounts of high bets in case the house gains an edge even during a high count.