Road rage was invented 30 years ago this summer in LA, when gunplay came to the freeways
Stephanie Buck

I fail to see the parallel between the guns and this “violent pandemic” that you say arose in the 70’s/80’s, or the numbers to back it.

Most people against gun ownership tend to use the statistic that gun ownership has gone down since the 70’s. Saying its a near 12 to 8 percent of people who own guns, and that they all own on average of 8 to 9 guns each. If this is the case. How could you blame the rise of road rage on guns? The amount of gun ownership, especially in places like California, would have made it a lot easier to blame guns in general, except you said it was because of more guns.

road rage is awful, and the tough guy mentality and the lack of personal responsibility that people feel while driving is alarming, but there are cities in america with similar population density like Houston Texas that never saw this spike of violence which you claim is “due to the rise in guns” yet saw all the more guns.