Coug Media intern Macy Gettles creating content for The Coug’s Instagram story featuring Up & Up Wazzu’s Elephante performance. The concert was won by WSU students voting in a campaign ran by students through Up & Up. Our social media content featured the WSU student experience at & behind the rail.

I gave my interns a homework assignment: So I’m doing it, too: Part 1: Analytics review

I’m approaching my review in a list format written in a professional head space & informed by social media analytics processed by our team Buffer account.

There is an incomplete amount of data from past years collected on Buffer. So, instead of taking the percentages that should reflect against past analytics, I am only sharing the quantity of content & boasting about our major seasonal highlights.

The original prompt can be read at the bottom of the page.

In 123 days our team (August 10ths to December 14th):

Covered 6 WSU Cougar Football weekends in Pullman

Highlighted 5 WSU Cougar Football weekends in Seattle & beyond

Spent time behind-the-scenes with Up & Up Wazzu + EDM artist Elephante

Featured 8 Brewer Events (including No-Li, Deschutes, Bale Breaker, & more)

Documented WSU’s Week of Welcome, Halloween, Fall, Apple Cup, & Christmas traditions

Learned from our first Social Media Takeover with Seattle Mariners fan & viral sensation Dash Dog

Celebrated community events like Pullmans National Lentil Festival & College Hill’s Graduate Golden Ale Release Party

Sold out our first Ugly Coug Christmas Sweater designed since 2013 in collaboration with College Hill Custom Threads & our volunteer models

On Facebook our team:

Posted 108 times

Earned 190 shares

Earned 261 comments

Earned 7,499 reactions

Earned 118 new followers

Reached 305.7 thousand accounts

Earned a daily average of 389 engagements

Earned a daily average of 3,291 impressions

On Instagram our team:

Posted 164 times

Earned 679 comments

Earned 67.6 thousand likes

Earned 1,276 new followers

Earned 2.67 million impressions

Reached 765.5 thousand accounts

Earned a daily average of 412 likes per post

Earned a daily average of 4 comments per post

Earned a daily average of 21 thousand impressions

On Twitter our team:

Posted 228 times

Earned 162 replies

Earned 896 retweets

Earned 11.9 thousand likes

Earned 1.02 million impressions

Generally speaking, the fall/winter season in Pullman, Washington is our easiest time to interact with people but it’s also our most exhausting. It’s a high energy season full of old & new faces excited about being back at school & hyped up by football dominating everything. Most major holidays also happen during this window of time.

Choosing to train a team during this season is the best & worst idea as a leader. While most of the work is fun, the team learns with a minimal amount of preparation and then a ton of in-the-moment trials by fire. The basics are offered early, then the rest of their education comes from experience.

When we first started as a team, I tried leading remotely. I learned quickly that wasn’t healthy or helpful since we didn’t have our systems or history documented.

The expectations for the team couldn’t be fulfilled because my instructions weren’t structured for an internship as much as they were structured for a blind job guided by some loose training done when hired.

So I started returning for more training & in-person guidance for both events & daily activities. The team of interns still maintained a lot of independence so they could learn through their own autonomy. But having a singular leader for the first few months allowed for correction, consistency, & support.

While they have learned how to content create for The Coug & work as a team, I’ve learned how to lead & teach best so that their second semester gives me more freedom to grow distant while also introducing fresh or more intricate projects for their slow season.

As the Coug Media’s team leader, I learned less about content creating & storytelling so I could learn more about the intricacies of brand storytelling & how to scale the art of digital marketing.

In spite of our analytics being processed slowly, my following SWOT analyses will reflect on our peak season analytics above & prepare us for better campaigns in early 2020.

Original prompt as assigned -

End of semester homework assignment:

Preferred Deadline December 13th, 2018

Final Deadline January 1st, 2019

Part 1: Write a review of your semester at The Coug

· I’d like y’all to reflect on the most valuable experience or set of experiences you’ve had this last semester. While writing this, you can look at it from a professional perspective or a cultural perspective or even compare the outcome to your expectations. There’s a lot of room to write this in a way that’s most valuable for you & allows me to get an idea of what has or has not offered opportunities for growth this semester.

· I’d like at least one typed page in this review, minimum. There is no maximum. There are no restrictions on formatting.



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