Donald Trump Jr.’s Emails Are Just The Tip Of The Collusion Iceberg
Remy Anne

My Dearest Remy Anne —

Where have you been all my life?!? Just teasing. Kind of… :)

I am in love with intellectually liberal women. Particularly all my “girlfriends” on MSNBC. Michelle Wallace, Katy Tur, Hallie Jackson, Kasey Hunt. It’s even a running joke among my family and friends that I want to marry “Rachael Maddow’s brain” (I have even written as much to Rachael in the NY Times comments). Yes, I know I am not Rachael’s “type”. I just want to have dinner with her brain a couple of times a week after her show.

I have been on Medium since before the election and am uncertain how I just now discovered your writing.

I grew up in the Watergate Era — riveted by the drama of the first hearings when I was only 17 years old in 1973. I read every book written on the subject back in the late 1970s/early ‘80s. Even went to see many of the Nixon cabinet members speak after they got out of prison — including that psychopath G. Gordon Liddy speak when he was on his book tour in 1980–81.

The specter of the threat to our sacred democracy by these men who were so hellbent on running roughshod over the Constitution — all in the name of unbridled power — deeply disturbed me back in that era. The whole experience indelibly seared into my mind. That is what inspired me to go to back to college to pursue a degree in Political Science, and subsequently attend law school.

Politics is in my DNA. A gift from my very intellectually-gifted mother. Who fostered and nurtured my innate curiosity as a little boy watching the Vietnam War and student protests on television with her every night.

When asked by the many people who seek counsel with me regarding this current Administration’s popularity in spite of the depth and breadth of the patently obvious corruption, I reply, “Nixon had a 24% approval rating the day he ignominiously resigned from office.” Hell, Dick Cheney had a lower approval rating than Nixon ever dreamed of having after leaving office.


I have responded to the tin-foil hat wearing Aussie Caitlan Johnston’s insane rants about this all being “a nothing burger” on Medium. Much like Galileo telling the Vatican that the Earth moved. Took the Vatican several hundred years to finally concede he was right. Guess that old adage applies herein: “Don’t try and confuse them with the facts if their minds are made up.”

I listened to the same nonsense back in 1973–74. Denial ain’t a river in Egypt. Twenty-plus odd convictions later, and a defiant Nixon boarding the helicopter to fly away from the White House after having left the institution of the Office of the Presidency in shambles, and still a quarter of the American electorate thought the guy was really special. Go figure…

As Sir Winston Churchill so poignantly noted: “The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.”

Keep up the good work girl. I love your analysis and reporting. Moreover, like all my other “intellectual girlfriends”, you are easy on the eyes. Beauty and brains. What a combo! Suffice it to say, all my conservative buddies are freakin’ morons! :)


Lance Haley