To the Property Owners Association

OK. Hi all. Let me apologize in advance if this sounds angry or defensive. I feel the need to vent a little bit of what my ego wants said.

So apparently I am the “offender”. My room mate dog sat for someone and the dogs got out and roamed around. I apologize for their pooping in your yards. I am writing on here in direct response to this, because I am concerned about the direction this neighborhood is heading, and especially the type of language I see being used. The implementation of fines for pooping dogs is, in my opinion, a poopy idea. Pun intended.

I am not a dog owner.

I work from home so I am here every day. I see dogs off leash in this neighborhood most days. I have had all of the neighborhood dogs poop in my yard. I have had to wash dog poop off my feet because I stepped in it in my own yard. I have had many of the dogs in my house, chasing my cat into corners, on my couch barking at my cat, in my kitchen eating my cats food. Neighborhood dogs have chased my cat into trees. A dog bit my ex’s dog on the head and sent it to the vet. All because they are off leash.

With that being said, I still think fining within this neighborhood will create more problems and is a bad idea, especially with this invitation to photograph dogs “in the act”. This encouragement for people to patrol each other and “watch” one another for the chance an “offense” might be committed will inevitably create animosity amongst neighbors and I personally think it will solve little. Sometimes people just don’t have a bag. Sometimes people that don’t live here walk their dogs here and let them poop where they want.

I have no interest in seeing pictures of dogs pooping, and I will not be photographing them. I will not send pictures to [redacted] to tattle on you for having your dog off leash. It’s just not that big of deal and I would rather live in a neighborhood where we have a system that consists of common understanding of what we want, less rules, and more compassion when someone or their pet, or their roommates boyfriends friends pet happens to stray out of bounds.

I also think that using language like “official warnings” “escalating fines”, “unauthorized dogs” and “repeat offenders” creates the exact opposite of the good feeling neighborhood we say we want.

By the direction this is going, I won’t be surprised if we hear about an incentive program to encourage more home owners to have more dogs, so the POA can generate additional revenue from Poop Tickets, or a possible False Flag Poo-Event to create the context for approval of additional Poop Police.

Again, I apologize for the offense, and I will try to do better about letting my roommate and any future friends or visitors know that dogs off the leash are not ok around here.

Lance Pitman ~ 9052 Village Way

PS — If we decide that this system is indeed necessary, in the interest of Neighborhood Security, I propose we go all the way and put in a video surveillance system of all areas where dogs can poop, that way there will be no possible way that any infraction goes un-fined, and we will all be safe from having to clean up another dogs poop, or possibly step in it. All we have to do is raise the price of poop fines to cover the cost.

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