Why chatbots fail — and how to leverage them even on a modest budget.


2017 was the year of the chatbot. So was 2018.

But fast forward to 2020, many chatbots have emerged — but only a few remain relevant today. The Next Web proclaimed the death of chatbots. Others are questioning the wisdom of investing heavily in chatbots, when their purposes seldom fulfill customer satisfaction.

The allure of chatbots is obvious. Cheap, instantaneous, around-the-clock customer service. Automated replies to frequently asked questions, freeing up their human counterparts to tackle the complicated issues. While still retaining the ‘human touch’ of speaking to a customer service officer. What’s not to like?

One common pitfall is…

Ditch the theories, dive into the practical — North West Green Learning Journey Showcase makes it easy for everyone to learn about green living.


Bukit Panjang Community Club (CC) is a common space set aside for residents staying in the Bukit Panjang area to come together and build friendships. Through their facilities and organised activities, they aim to bring residents closer to one another.

The Brief

Every few years, Bukit Panjang CC refreshes its fittings and paintwork at its premises. In the most recent exercise, it was looking to better utilise its space for positive community bonding. As a sustainability advocate, they wanted to dedicate spaces around the CC for residents to learn and practise green living habits.


Bukit Panjang CC was built in the 1990s…


Total Defence is a concept familiar to most in Singapore — an all-encompassing defence strategy that includes military, economic and digital defence.

Each year, the Total Defence Awards (TDA) are given out to recognise individuals and businesses for their contributions towards Total Defence and National Service (NS).

A chronological account of how research seeds growth


With a history dating to 1961, NSL Group — an industrial products and services group — has always been a strong believer of research. That led to the founding of a Corporate Research and Development (CRD) programme over 30 years ago.

The Brief

The NSL Group wanted to put together a book to celebrate CRD programme’s 30th anniversary, charting its progress and contributions to business profitability and sustainability.

To be given to people who pitched in and supported the programme, the book has to not only provide an overview of various research initiatives and outcomes, but also evoke positive feelings among readers.

Challenge #1

Thoughts from a developer’s workstation.

Photo Credit

At first glance, developers and designers appear to be at odds with each other.

  • Designers (graphic/web designers) are trained to present layouts in a visually-pleasing manner.
  • Software engineers (web developers) take a more methodical approach, emphasising functionality and usability.

But when it comes to reality, the truth is that websites and applications require a fine balance of visual appeal and practical functionality. Apart from being universally usable in the browsers of their audiences, websites must catch attention immediately in an engaging way.

More often than not, these two seemingly incompatible species — designers and developers — must coexist and even…

The key lies in the details (whether you show them or not)

An Introduction

With the rise of travel, studying abroad has become almost a given. But with its increasing popularity, so has the number of programmes offered worldwide — with many promising exotic locations and prestigious institutions.

Enter the National University of Singapore (NUS)’s Faculty of Engineering.

One of the top engineering schools worldwide, the Faculty also has its own set of exchange programmes and summer internships for international students. And like other top institutions, the Faculty is in the game to attract the best and brightest engineering students around the world.

The Brief

The Faculty has two main international programmes:

  • the Student Exchange Programme…

The design and editorial revamp of CAAS’ safety periodical — The Leading Edge — pushes boundaries to offer aviation industry professionals a more engaging read.

Seven years ago when CAAS, or better known as Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore, launched an aviation-related safety publication, we were engaged. Little did we know we had the honour to play designer again — to give it a fresh leash of life — seven years later.

The Brief

In 2012, The Leading Edge was the first of its kind in the region. The primary aim then was to keep the community informed about safety matters. Since then, the same look has been kept with minor enhancements.

Challenge #1

In 2019, readership for The Leading Edge was decreasing. Other feedback were — stale…

NUS Office of Admissions Publications 2019/2020

Here’s a specimen: NUS Office of Admissions Publications 2019/2020

An Introduction

The National University of Singapore (NUS) is well known as Singapore’s top university. A comprehensive research university, it maintains leading positions on Asian and global rankings.

The Brief

Each year, the NUS Office of Admissions refreshes its publications. This set consists of a

  • Viewbook,
  • Scholarship & Financial Aid Brochure,
  • and an Undergraduate Prospectus for International Students.

This set of publications also has a different job from its web counterpart — the NUS website. Applicants today can simply search for the necessary information using their smartphones. …

Thoughts and inspiration behind North West CDC Sustainability Report FY2018

It ain’t every day that we get to work on a project that champions a cause we are passionate about. Without a doubt, North West Community Development Council (CDC) Sustainability Report FY2018 ranks high in the list for more reasons than one.

North West CDC is one of five CDCs in Singapore. Since its inception in 2001, North West CDC has been rolling out various caring, healthy, green and lifelong learning programmes targeting nearly 269,000 households in the North West District. …

A 30-year veteran’s perspective

Image by Sophie Janotta from Pixabay

What is your impression of people working in creative agencies? For many, the mention of creative agencies calls to mind — tattoos, piercings, black clothes, coloured hair, loud personalities and cool attitudes that go along with too much booze and messed-up personal lives.

This impression cannot be further from the reality. Being in business for 30 years now, the number of creatives, writers and suits who actually fits the above description is few and far between. If common perceptions are false, then what would be an accurate reflection of what goes on in a creative agency?

We have a few…

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