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Carbon dioxide puts the pop in soda pop and bubbles in beer. While it is harmless to drink, it can be dangerous, even deadly when inhaled at high concentrations. Carbon dioxide is invisible and odorless so it is vital to have a sensor check the concentration levels in areas where CO2 is used or stored.

A portable CO2 sensor normally takes 30 seconds to read the correct value but the human body reacts in about 2 seconds, so relying on a device attached to your belt when entering a potentially dangerous area can be very risky.

The new LogiCO2-Scout is different. The sensor is placed in a foam ball, rolled into the CO2 storage or filling area, measures the concentration level, and remotely sends the information to your iPhone or Android app so you know BEFORE entering whether the area is safe or not. If it is safe to enter, the sensor can be removed from the foam ball and attached to the neckband that comes with the sensor to continue to monitor the CO2 level near your face as you proceed to work with CO2 tanks and connections.

Using a LogiCO2-Scout with a smartphone is a smart choice!

To learn more about LogiCO2-Scout visit, and to learn more about CO2 safety visit To purchase a LogiCO2-Scout and other LogiCO2 safety products contact Lancer Direct at 877–814–2271 or visit

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