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Eating healthier is a common goal for most Americans, and blended beverages are gaining momentum in that pursuit. Fresh fruit, vegetables, proteins, herbs and spices are making their way into tasty and healthy “meals on the go” for young and old alike.

Convenience stores and fast food restaurants are realizing the opportunity to boost sales with the addition of smoothies. If you’re considering adding smoothies to your offering, the Convenient Store Products article “Top 10 Trends in Smoothies” might provide some valuable insight: http://www.cstoreproductsonline.com/foodservice/top-10-trends-smoothies

Having the right blending equipment may make or break your blended beverage success. I recommend Blendtec commercial blenders. They’re workhorses with a 3.8 HP motor, blending blades that are ten times stronger than the standard blade, and have built-in and customizable programs that can deliver the perfect blend every time. There are several Blendtec models to choose from, including some with sound dampening enclosures.

BlendPoint is the ultimate blended beverage station. This all-in-one stainless steel unit combines a Blendtec commercial blender with sound enclosure, a blender jar rinsing station, ice dispenser, refrigerated bag-in-box syrup/juice dispensing system for up to eight BIB products, easy access to refrigerated and non-refrigerated ingredients and toppings, cup dispensers (small, medium and large), an organizer for lids, spoons, straws and napkins, and a worktop area. Last, but not least, it has an intuitive touch screen for programming, operating, and inventory and maintenance reporting. All of this in a 36” wide unit on wheels!

For more information on Blendtec blenders and the BlendPoint blended beverage station contact Lancer Direct at 877–814–2271 or visit lancer-direct.com.

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