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Have you ever had a glass of wine that tasted great one time, and the same wine tasted not-so-great another time? I’ve learned that oxidation and serving temperature can impact flavor, aroma and tasting pleasure. I’ve also learned that there’s a wine dispensing system that consistently delivers a great wine tasting experience by preventing oxidation and maintaining the appropriate serving temperatures.

Wine is often spoiled after a few days because oxidation begins the moment the bottle is opened. Oxidation causes wine to lose its fruity aroma and flavor, allows yeast and bacteria growth, and sometimes causes browning. For optimum aroma and flavor, light dry white wines, rosés and sparkling wines should be served at 40° to 50° F. Full-bodied white wines and light, fruity reds should be served at 50° to 60° F. Full-bodied red wines and ports should be served at 60° to 65° F. If the wine is too hot the first taste is alcohol, not the fruit, and sparkling wines will quickly lose their carbonation. If the wine is too cold the taste is muted. Wine is often served at the wrong temperature because refrigeration options are limited…until now.

By The GlassTM wine dispensing and preservation systems are compartmented to provide the optimum climate for each type of wine, and bottles never leave the climate controlled environment until the bottle is empty. Wine is dispensed by the push of a portion control button which measures the precise amount of wine you want to dispense, eliminating over-pouring and under-pouring. Portions can be reprogrammed to your specifications. The quality of the wine can be preserved for two to four weeks because the nitrogen or argon used to push the wine through system also provides an invisible protective barrier on the surface of the wine. This barrier significantly reduces oxidation, spoilage and lost revenue. With decreased risk, managers can feel comfortable investing in more fine wines for their patrons, and can increase bottle sales by offering samples.

By The GlassTM wine systems come in two styles: modular and standard. Both styles provide an attractive lighted display with dimmable LED lighting, three programmable dispense measures, and removable dishwasher-safe dispensing heads for fast bottle changes and easy cleaning.

Modular units are free standing, lightweight and mobile. Exchangeable wooden side panels can be branded for special events and trade shows. Each unit holds two bottles and multiple units can be easily linked together to expand the system to whatever size is needed. One pressure regulator can operate up to six modular units. Doors and control panels are lockable.

Standard units are high-grade stainless steel cabinets with a brushed finish or optional color coating, custom built to your specifications. Sizes range from 6 to 20 bottle positions with two variable climate zones for changing the proportion of red and white wines. The cabinet is deep enough to hold a second bottle of each type of wine, so when the open bottle is emptied the reserve bottle is at the proper temperature to serve immediately. Cooling a large range of wines with just one compressor makes By The GlassTM one of the most economical professional wine serving systems available. Optional Wine By The CardTMtechnology can connect to your cash register, ensure only authorized personnel pour wine and modify settings, and even interact with consumers on a Smartphone.

More wine is consumed in the U.S. each year than in any other country in the world, and the gallons consumed per capita per year continue to rise. Now may be the right time for you to invest in a By The GlassTM wine dispensing and preservation system. Lancer Direct is the distributor I recommend. Call 877–814–2271 or visit

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