Things I Remember

  • I remember it was a Wednesday, and my first class of the day was at 9:00 — Public Speaking.
  • I remember the piercing blue sky of a classic Oklahoma spring morning.
  • I remember heading straight to the “GC” after my 50 minute class — the Geiger Center that served as our student center at Oklahoma Baptist University.
  • I remember entering the GC from the south entrance, which was behind the extra large big screen TV that normally was playing SportsCenter all morning long.
  • I remember the uniform looks of dumbstruck horror on the 100–150 students standing, all facing the TV whose images I could not yet see.
  • I remember the eery quiet — an utterly foreign concept for the lively and loud GC.
  • I remember walking far enough in and turning around to see what was on the TV that had everyone captivated and silent.
  • I remember the bombing coverage preempting nearly all TV programming for nearly an entire week.
  • I remember Baylee Almon.
  • I remember John Doe #2.
  • I remember nurses running.
  • I remember thinking Ryder would have to change the color of their trucks if they wanted to stay in the business of truck rental. (They did.)
  • I remember experiencing for the first time in my life a tangible, dark anxiety about the safety of the world itself.
  • I remember thinking if something like this could happen in the middle of Oklahoma, no place was safe.
  • I remember standing at the corner of Robinson St. and NW 5th St. and seeing the husk of the Alfred P. Murrah Building in person shortly before it was taken down for good.

Lance Salyers currently serves as a corporate executive after a first career as a prosecuting attorney. He blogs about the fundamentals of people-focused leadership at his website: Leading With IDEAS.

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