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Nekishon Leboo sharing how she would share honey amongst her children, breaking the comb into small pieces for them, 2022 . © Ogiek Peoples Development Program.

“For us honey is everything.”- Daniel Kobei of Ogiek People’s Development Programme

Just a few weeks ago, Land Body Ecologies launched Honey, the second episode of our six stand-alone episode series. In Honey, we explore the Mau Forest in the Rift Valley, Kenya, where the population of honeybees have declined in recent decades due to deforestation, forest encroachment

The podcast is available to download here:

Here are some highlights from the eve!

Above images © Invisible Flock.

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Land Body Ecologies

We are an interdisciplinary network seeking to understand lived experiences of land trauma among marginalised communities. Wellcome Trust 2021 Hub Award.