Goodbye, Grindr. And, point me toward tomorrow.

Just a few of my role models.

Grindr family-

I am writing today with great sadness to inform you that I will no longer be serving as Grindr’s head of communications.

As an out and proud gay man madly in love with a man I don’t deserve, I refused to compromise my own values or professional integrity to defend a statement that goes against everything I am and everything I believe. While that resulted in my time at Grindr being cut short, I have absolutely no regrets. And neither should you.

It has been a privilege to come to work every day to fight for our community. I am — and will continue to be — immensely proud of the work we were allowed to do during my time at Grindr. I will never forget the heart-tugging messages, emails and more that we received from the queer community as a result of our Kindr initiative. Nor will I forget being a witness firsthand to the amazing activism work Grindr for Equality is doing globally or working alongside the award-winning reporting team at INTO.

For those who remain, those who will continue to fight for our community from within, know I will be cheering you on from the sidelines. Persist. Make your voices heard. And never compromise who you are for someone else.

You are going to do great things, and I look forward to hearing about all of your successes.

And, if I don’t see you…

Good afternoon, good evening and good night.




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