GoEuro — Behind the scenes

Founded: 2013
Tech stack: JavaScript, Java
Employees(#): 250 (150 techies)
Headquarters: Berlin

How did GoEuro’s journey begin?

GoEuro has been founded by Naren Shaam, who started the company in a small co-working space (betahouse) with 3 employees and one dog. On the launch day we had one partner integrated, 5.000 visitors at our website — that was too much for our servers back then… Today we have over 250 employees, +600 partners and more than 20 million users per day.

What do you do and makes your service exciting?

With GoEuro you can compare and book trains, buses and flights to anywhere in Europe with one simple search, on mobile, app or desktop. By offering transparent pricing and easy booking, GoEuro makes travel planning simple, flexible and personal.

What kind of talent are you looking for?

We are growing strong and looking for passionate and skilled people across the whole company:
* Software Engineers
* Product Managers
* UX Designers
* Marketing Managers
Our tech stack includes:
Java 8 (Spring Boot), NodeJS, Go, React.js, Redux, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Kubernetes, Docker, AWS Redshift, Google BigQuery, PostgreSQL, MySQL, GCP Dataflow, GCP Pub/Sub, Apps: Swift, Kotlin, React native

Can you describe the work environment at GoEuro?

GoEuro is a very international company with people from more than 40 different countries. We appreciate diversity and are sure that it´s making us stronger. We are working in cross-functional, agile development teams and collaboration is the key for our success. We really like people with great ideas and low-ego! Apart from that: Our journey starts and ends with the customer. We´re focussing on our users and are working hard to build a product they will fall in love with!

What growth opportunities do you offer to your employees?

Beyond Tech Tuesday lunches, Wednesday presentaions, Hackathons and Meetups we are having an education budget for each employee and 2 eductaion days per year. We are constantly looking for people who are aiming to grow and the development of the company has been leading to some steep career progressions already.

What’s the tech scene like in Berlin? Are you happy to have started GoEuro there?

The Berlin tech scene is still relatively young, but developing rapidly and very active. You will find multiple Meetups happening daily and it´s a fantastic place to learn and grow your career. Berlin has a very vibrant music and art scene and people from all over the find it exciting to spend a few years here. All of that is making Berlin a great location for us!

Prove that you’re The One. What would attract candidates to work for you?

Great people, a product for millions of users, latest technologies, a lovely office in the centre of Berlin, TGIF drinks … plenty of interesting things to work on and great fun while doing so!

What’s the future of tech careers?

What a nicely philosophical question :) Let´s talk about it while having a beer at the Landing Festival!

Landing Festival Team

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Europe’s biggest tech careers event. Join us in Lisbon, 28th — 29th June 2019!

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