LandingTrack — The First Tracking System with Automation and Optimization

The only ONE STOP SOLUTION Platform

Hello to everyone, first of all, thank you so much for reading and spending a bit of your time with us.

LandingTrack is a One Stop Solution Saas Platform. created to assist media buyers to skip the manual processes and offer complete algorithmic optimization.

With our own TOCBOT Technology, last database innovation, a dedicated server for each account and the whole API integration LandingTrack can:

Track, Optimise and Control (TOC) all your campaigns for you without the need of using other platforms.

With all that technology behind LandingTrack is capable of:

  • Pause non-Converting Campaigns Automatically
  • Block non-Converting Subids Automatically
  • Activate Campaigns whenever you want Automatically
  • Add as many rules to redirect your clicks
  • Track Impressions / Clicks / Cost / Bids / Ecpm / CTR

All those options without the need to login into any other Platform (DSP -Ad Network) straight from your Mobile or your Desktop Account.

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