Creating a Killer Property Listing

Learn how to attract the best tenants to your housing with the help of a good listing.

The right tenants make a world of difference, don’t they? All landlords want a responsible tenant, who will pay rent on time and keep the property in top condition. However, it’s never easy to find such an ideal someone.

Discover the benefits of Rentberry — an innovative service, where you can list your rental property for free! We did our best to eliminate time-consuming formalities to help you find your perfect tenants as soon as possible with no fee!

When it comes to attracting ideal tenants, Rentberry provides a fresh alternative, in contrast to the traditional online property listing websites. But to get the most out of it, you’ll need to create a comprehensive description. Read this post to learn how to list your rental property and get the best tenants ever.

1. Create a Catchy Title

A property name is the first thing that a tenant will see in the search results. To stand out from the crowd, create a unique title. Please use up to 35 symbols.

Good title: Cozy condo with garden.

Bad title: Morgan Str.

2. Provide Correct Property Details

Provide the correct address and select the type of your property:

  • Apartment
  • House
  • Condo
  • Townhouse
  • Duplex
  • Loft

Please don’t forget to indicate your home’s square footage, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, or specify, if it is a studio. Finally, set monthly price and a security deposit.

3. Add Quality Photos

High-quality pictures of your property will increase your chances to get the right tenants much quicker. Upload at least 3 attractive images to our website. Please note that the first one will be chosen as a cover photo by default.

4. Set Pet Policy

Did you know that 61% of tenants in the USA have pets? If you want to broaden your choice and let the tenants with animals in, choose the relevant settings in Pet Policy section.

However, you should also take into account a possible damage, which pets might cause. To reduce the risks, you can set a pet deposit. Indicate a sum, which, in your opinion, will be enough to cover the unexpected expenses. In case you don’t want any pets in your house, please select No Pets option.

5. Write a Detailed Property Description

Don’t be shy to show the advantages your property! Spend 7–10 minutes to tell your prospect tenants, why your housing is unique and what advantages it has. Distinguish the benefits of your property that will satisfy your most desirable renters. Point out the slightest details of your real estate, which can set it apart from the rest. For instance, mention a breathtaking view or a wonderful park in the neighborhood.

Writing a good description is definitely worth the effort, because it will bring you suitable tenants. However, you should be precise and create a realistic image of your dwelling. Your description should not be misleading, so don’t make any overpromises. Be honest and balance out the drawbacks with positives. No housing is perfect, so don’t hesitate to mention the flaws right away! This way you will attract the right people to your property and avoid mismatching your tenants’ expectations.

We highly recommend you not to copy someone else’s property listing and use it as your own. Following these simple rules will make your listing stand out and, as a result might significantly reduce your vacancy rates.

Good property description: The living is easy in this spacious house. Perfect for a family rental, it will satisfy your highest demands and become your sweet home. All its 3 rooms are full of light. A fireplace will warm you up on a chilly night. A picturesque view of the mountains will calm you down.

Poor property description: House for rent. 3 rooms.

6. Add Amenities

Choose the amenities that your property possesses. Select them in just a few clicks from the list.

7. Host an Open House

They say that the level of stress in property management is directly proportional to the quality of tenants. So we recommend you to hold an open house to know your prospect dwellers better. If you decided to meet your potential tenants, please specify the date and the time in Open House section.

Please also indicate, since when your property will be available so that tenants can choose appropriate move-in dates.

Now your listing is ready! Click Save & Post button, and your tenants will be able to search and apply for your property.

Enjoy a Stress-Free and Long-Term Rental

If you want a stress-free and a long-term rental, Rentberry is the right place, where you can list your property at no cost. If you concentrate on the key tips, mentioned above, you can’t go wrong. A good property listing will pay dividends. Not only will you be able to get a higher rental income but, hopefully, find the most suitable tenants for your property.

So what are you waiting for? Try this free service on Rentberry and cut out the hassles, associated with traditional property listing websites. And that means happier and more long-lasting rentals for all.

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Originally published at on August 22, 2016.