Why Your Mortgage Was Sold and What it Means to You
Mike Tassone

How about when you you sign the mortgage it is your signature that has created the financial instrument.The bank then take this and sells it.They have been paid.You have paid for your house.The value you created,just like a bank note is a promissory note the mortgage can be exchanged for value.Remember The bank generated numbers & account entries money out of no where only after your signature creates the thing accepted as a financial instrument that has the value of the amount agreed upon. Just like the people who create bank notes paper with a number on it that is agreed upon to give the holder the value if it is $100 then it has that value if $10 it is that value

The bank then rather than acting in honour by first asking for your consent & agreement to sell the contract they are in breach right there they then go into deception & outright fraudulent criminal behaviour. Remember they have already been paid by selling the financial instrument you created !

The fraud continues as they make you pay interest on a mortgage that has already been paid in full. So you end up paying in most cases 2 -3 or more times the original price for the house


its all there documented evidence its just really hard for any one to gather it all….. formulate each fraction of the puzzle into a concise irrefutable universally acknowledged muti media medium to use in rebuttal to all the bullshit in place ITS THE LAW MAN….CAUSE WE SAID SO ???? wtf

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