Are you running a Business now and concerning about the way to boost the sale of the products easily?
Are you looking for a solution for products which are still out of stock or upcoming?
If you are facing with those problems, Magento 2 Preorder Extension is a smart choice for you. With this extension, your customers can order the product on your stores even though it is not available for immediate delivery. A great extension to analyze and meet the demand of customers.

Quickly Sold Product

With the feature which allows customer to order the product even when the quantity of that product goes below zero, User can boost the sales of the store effectively. Using Magento 2 Pre-order Extension is also a good way to strike a chord of customers’ behavior when purchasing products.

Pre-order upcoming products & Out of Stock Products

User can easily arrange the new/upcoming products on the website which makes the product outstanding and eye-catching in the prioritized place. Customers can purchase the product even when it is not available product. Also, when a product is out of stock, the user can backorder items in the blink of an eye.

Pre-order Message on Product Page

Admin can configure the custom message on a displayed place on the product page. The customer can see the stock status as well as the available time that the product is back and can be shipped.

Notice Pre-order products on customer’s account

With Magento 2 Pre-order Extension, you can show the order warning to the product that is not in stock that moment. It will be pinned to the order information on customer discount.

Replace the ‘Add to Cart’ button with the ‘Pre-order’ on product & category pages

Instead of using ‘Add to Cart’ button, user can use the ‘pre-order’ both on product and category pages. Bring more choices for customers when purchasing the product. Store Owner doesn’t have to notice the goods out of stock temporarily. It creates pleasure in customer

Flexible in payment

With Magento 2 pre-order module, customer has the opportunity to pay for the product full or partial payment. There also has a part to choose preorder percent and message which bring convenient customization for users.

Set Preorder status and availability date

Setting preorder status as well as providing availability date for the product will help the customer have more information about the product they want to purchase. They can look at that date to decide whether they will buy immediately or not.

Automatic ‘Product is back’, ‘Back in Stock’ notifications

It is easy to keep track of pre-orders and notify shoppers when a product gets available in the store. With this extension, you’ll never lose connection with customers who are ready to purchase your products.

Automatic Email Notification

Admin can choose to enable Automatic Email or not. And then the customer can receive the email notification when the product is back to the stock. It ensures the updated information provided for the customer.

Set a custom message to display on the preorder product page

Magento 2 pre-order function has message to inform customers is a necessary thing that a store owner. It is a good way to impress customers with the profession of your store as well as keep the loyalty of customer with the products and the store.

Use preorder function for various kinds of products

Especially, using Magento 2 Preorder, you can set it in many kinds of product including simple, configurable, grouped or bundle product. With one click, everything will be done.

Multi-Lingual & RTL Support

Magento 2 pre order products extension is really helpful to you wherever you are. Because it supports almost all the popular languages like English, German, French, etc. And it is also supported Hebrew, Persian, Arabic.., this Magento 2 Preorder Extension will be the best choice

Full Customization

Magento 2 Pre-order Extension is created to be a highly customizable product. It is convenient and easy for you to custom, install or setup. Fully Customization, this extension will definitely persuade you!