Killa-mo 187 — Justification of racism = not ok

Lemme take back a statement made on twitter from myself over the past weekend. Ragnarok is NOT my final album. There’s still one more chapter to go in the book. So I’m not finished by a long shot.
While there is still breath in my body I will NOT stop doing this. After 14 years my statement is as bold today as it was yesterday. I do this only for one thing and one thing only. And that’s because I want to. I don’t care about money, I don’t care about recognition, I don’t care about being labeled icon or legend or whatever the fuck people wanna call me. And I sure as hell don’t care about anything I said in the past even if it was something could be considered racist or downright wrong. I have no regrets in this path I’ve chosen with my life. I took control of my own destiny and forged a path that hopefully in the long run will inspire others to craft what they feel is ART in their own unique way. We don’t need to be cookie cutter models or have to succeed in saving the bumble bees or any of the other endangered species on this planet to make a statement. If you got a voice and the will to say and/or do something. You than have the power to at least change one person’s mind and one is alot better than none.

When this album drops. It’s not your typical artsy or typical horrorcore album. It’s a fucking statement and deceleration of many things

1: After this album is done. No more will I run away from my past… I will look at my past, give it a nod, and walk away like I should have done a long fucking time ago. Suicide failed, The booze failed, People trolling on the internet failed. And goddammit CANCER failed to end me. I’m done with the games. It’s time to move on. I don’t care what I said in a past song or in a phone call. It’s in the fucking past. Let’s all move on. I’m through with all the negative.

2: While there is breath in my body, I will not stop doing this kind of music or any kind of music whatsoever. Anything I do from now on. I can’t be stopped. The only way to stop me is your gonna have to fucking kill me. And I don’t mean post an blog article or a youtube video or whatever the fuck people do now to attempt to ruin and decimate or humiliate people now in days. I mean your gonna have to actually come up to Northern Michigan. Look me in my eyes, and actually jab a stake through my heart to end this grind. Because I’m in this literally 2 THA FUCKING DEATH!!!

The release date for Ragnarok is back to TBA. I’m giving everybody who has yet to finish the 4 remaining songs [one got replaced this week. Look for the song that got replaced to appear on the Bayfront Park 4 mixtape in 2018 to be released alongside the 10th anniversary edition of A Cold Day In Hell]. And trust me. For those who have been waiting 4 years to hear the rest of this album. You won’t be disappointed.

And last but not least. There will NOT be a digital version of this album unless it’s released through my online distributor Elm Street Productions. For those who totally forgot about how shit works. When I joined Horrorflik Musick I striked up a quick deal with DJ Elm Street to give him the exclusive Digital Distribution rights to not only the Killa-mo 187 back catalog but also anything I release now and in the future. So for those who are planning to illegally obtain a copy of this album in mp3 form. Your shit outta luck. I mean god damn the leaker failed at even trying to illegally obtain a copy of the Elm Street Remixez lol. $6.00 is a very fair and decent price for a Compact Disc in this modern era. It’s a format that’s at it’s end phase of life and will soon become something of a “Collector’s Hobby” just like Vinyl has become over the last 20 years and how now Cassette Tapes are being brought back for the collector’s in mind. So if ya plan on attempting to illegally obtain a copy of Ragnarok just to spread it around for free. Sorry chico’s but your gonna have to pay me first. I mean come on. 6 Dollars plus maybe a lil bit of taxes? That’s cheaper than an average pack of cigarettes in the United States.

Well I’m done with this ramble. I’m pretty sure somebody’s gonna up and say I’m talking about them which is probably true. This was pretty much a post directed towards EVERYONE. So yeah. I will end it with a quote/words of wisdom from a dearly departed but wise man.. “It take’s a real human being to own up to their mistakes and let it all go. But only a coward will mention your mistakes and hold onto them with a grudge”.

Take care everybody