Three Important Advantages Of Implants Instead Of Dentures

Levi Masters
Oct 10, 2017 · 2 min read

Individuals who have numerous missing teeth have another option besides dentures for teeth replacement. Today, more and more people are discovering implants and the many benefits that this option has over traditional dentures. Read the information below to learn about the advantages of implants before speaking with a Primary Dental Care Dental Implants Garden Grove area dentist.

No Mouth Pain

One of the biggest complaints of individuals who wear dentures is that their dentures don’t fit correctly and they’re painful to wear. Some individuals report sores in their mouth from wearing ill-fitting dentures. Many people refuse to wear their dentures because they’re so uncomfortable and painful.

Right after the surgical process of getting Dental Implants, individuals will have some soreness in their mouth for a few days. When the healing time is complete, individuals should never have mouth pain again. Implants feel and function the same as natural teeth so there isn’t anything in the mouth that can cause individuals to experience pain.

No Food Restrictions

Many individuals who wear dentures can’t or don’t like to eat certain foods because they can cause denture problems. Small particles of food can get underneath the dentures and cause discomfort. Some individuals won’t eat chewy or tough foods because their dentures can make chewing difficult.

When individuals choose dental implants, they can eat any type of food they want without any repercussions. Since the implants are anchored into the jawbone by a Dental Implants Primary Dental Care Garden Grove area dentist, individuals don’t have to worry about what they can or can’t eat. The implants will be solid and permanently secure for a lifetime.

No Inconveniences

Individuals who have dentures are often inconvenienced due to their teeth. Some individuals have difficulties talking when they wear their dentures and loose dentures can slip and even fly out of a person’s mouth if they sneeze or cough. Individuals must take their dentures out of their mouth when brushing them and place them into a container to soak.

When people have implants, their teeth are secure inside their mouth and they never move around. Individuals are never inconvenienced due to their teeth because implants perform the same as real teeth. When caring for their implants, individuals can quickly and easily brush them the same way they did when they had their natural teeth.

Individuals who want more information about implants can contact a Dental Implants Primary Dental Care Garden Grove area dentist for a consultation. By choosing implants over dentures, individuals will have a worry free and a permanent solution for their missing teeth.

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