Always remember that you are unique, just like everyone else.

Diversity is a good and a bad thing. It allows for different viewpoints and ideas to be bounced around and gathered. However, this is also a bad thing due to the fact that because of so many different viewpoints and ideas it would be common for there to be many conflicts within the group.

With the media today, it seems that racism is a factor into how diverse a group is or will become. The term tokenism comes from that in which because you are a certain race then you must represent some sort of aspect from your culture. For example: Asians being good at school and math, Blacks being good at sports, and Indians being good with technology. However, It goes without saying that there can also be badforms of tokenism. Muslims being terrorists are one of the most used in the media. Especially with movies cultivating certain scenes to make it more known. In the Iron Man movie Tony Stark was taken hostage in Afghanistan. The studio changed this to match certain media to add more effect. In the original comic, Stark was taken hostage during the Vietnam war in Vietnam.