Wanna Fight About It?

What’s the quickest way to start a fight?

Easy enough right?

But in my opinion a fight is only worth it if it’s over something worth fighting for.

Conflicts usually arise as soon as one of these 3 things are introduced.

  • Incompatible Goals
  • Interdependance
  • Interaction

When looking at group work you see that it is very easy to have conflicts. As an example, For a High School science fair, 3 groups of teens are having troublewithin their groups. One can’t agree on their topic (Incompatible Goals), The other group is trying to force work upon each other while minimizingtheir own participation (Interdependence), or because the moment someone entered the group he got stressed, but he still hated them upon first introductions.

The way that they manage this is through a series of trials. What kind of trial depends on where it lies on this chart.

Depending on how assertive or cooperative the characters are will cause them to choose one of these 5 styles of compromise.