Purpose Of Rap

The purpose of rap I feel and think plays hand and hand with why “Negro Spirituals” were created, which is to relay messages. Instead of relaying messages to a certain race, rap is relaying messages to the public, the media, the people that are willing to listen. I think rap is a outlet and is a pedestal that a lot people are taking advantage of to use and speak on topics that need to be addressed and help is needed to fix the issues in the communities that it may affect. For instance, Two rappers, that I personally admire and am a fan of, speak on real life issues and the platform that they hold they used to speak on the Black Lives Matter campaign and the black community. J. Cole did a live performance on the Late Show with David Letterman and he performed “Be Free”. This song is a tribute to the Mike Brown and Eric Garner cases that were a huge issue in the media and in the black community. He expressed how us black people want to Be Free like everyone else. Another example, is Kendrick Lamar’s Grammy Performance. The visuals that were captured from his performance were breathtaking and said a lot. It said more than his lyrics did, which is a lot because the song he performed is called “The Blacker The Berry” and this song is stating how he is proud of being black and he names some of the stereotypes that black people have to go through throughout his song. These two rappers used the pedestals they were given to express how they feel to a huge audience that was willing to here so they made them listen to what they really cared about. A lot of music today that is considered rap are used for entertainment and to make people dance. A lot of people would think the purpose of rap is to make people angry, or make them want to dance, or illegal things. That is what some may look at, but being someone who actually likes to listen to the lyrics of music and want to comprehend what is being said, I think rap is something that should be used to relay messages or a cry for help. I have always been listening to old rap music like Tupac, Biggie, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, NWA, etc… they all have said something in their songs that relay a message, or that is speaking to the public or is directed towards something or someone. NWA and Tupac were some of the earliest rappers to speak to the Black Community. NWA’s song “F*** the Police” was the song that targeted towards the uproar that was going on with the Black Community vs. the Police. Tupac was the next one to speak on the same topic in his song called “Changes”. These are just a couple of rappers that has songs that relay messages to issues that are huge in the media, in communities, and throughout the world.

Here are the links to what I presented to you above about the current rappers.

Below is the video of JCole performing on the Late Show

Below is the video of Kendrick Lamar performing at the Grammy’s and The Lyrics to his song “The Blacker The Berry”