White Christians need to act more Christians than White.

There was an article that spoke on how “White Christians” are seeing race instead of God’s vision. When I read this article in its entirety, I agreed on everything it stated. It spoke on how “White Christians” stereotype black people more than “White Non-Christians”. I think this is true, because those who identify as Christian are some of the main people who are anti-black.

I think they’re stuck in what they believe is right which is white. A lot of people that are “Christians” do not live by the bible, the way a lot people may assume. With that being said, I then ask, are they really Christians? It was stated in the passage that a percentage of “White Christians” consider the Black Lives Matter movement as a waste of time. I think the reason why they think that is because they are uneducated and misinformed about the movement. I think the biggest fear that they all “White Christians” have is that the minorities are going to soon become the majority, but the reason for them to not understand the Black Lives Matter movement is because they are the majority and it’s mainly focused on the minorities.