The 5 People You Should Never Hire
Rick Crossland

I consider myself a “Check the Box” candidate. Which has has partly contributed to my lack of success, at interviews. However, companies that hire me get a leader and a team player that is able to bring more to the table than what the job requirements state.

Working as a minority programmer/developer, it is already hard to break through. When you put up these artificial constructs, it makes it even easier to weed out good candidates that do not fit your mold.

I’ve been one of the top programmers at every company I’ve worked at. However, these are the companies where I was lucky enough to 1) Get an interview 2) pass the phone screening 3) pass the 1st and/or 2nd Interview.

As an interviewer, myself, team chemistry is a factor in hiring. If you are hiring solely based on the independent factors above, you may have a disjointed team.