The Doctors Are Alright

Over time, your doctors almost become a part of your family. If you’re smart, you visit them often and make them a key part of keeping your family healthy. My family — Mom, Dad, three sisters and four brothers—has trusted the same doctors for decades. Though most of us have moved away from our home in Fayetteville, AR, we still like to stop by our old doctors’ offices when we visit for the holidays. We can always use one more checkup.

That’s why I’m happy that CareDash exists. CareDash allows you to review your doctors so that others can easily find the best doctors in their area. The best part? CareDash never edits or takes down the negative reviews. What you’re getting is honesty and transparency.

So, I decided to review the doctors who still help keep me and my family healthy after all these years. It’s the least I can do. For all those who live in or are thinking about moving to the northwest Arkansas area or Tulsa, OK —the last places I called home—you can’t go wrong with these three doctors. If you go, tell them I sent ya.

  1. Dr. Grace — Dentist

I’ve been seeing Dr. Grace since I was a kid (I’m 25) now along with my entire family. The whole staff is full of smiles and makes the experience of going to the dentist much less daunting. There’s even a fun, aquatic themed play area for kids. My teeth are still in great shape and I credit Dr. Grace for helping them stay that way.

2. Dr. Boatright — Optometrist

Dr. Boatright took care of me two years ago when I was looking to purchase new glasses and needed an updated prescription. During my appointment he made sure my needs were met and that I was as comfortable as possible. My signed prescription was promptly available and I used it to get new glasses just days after.

3. Dr. Schmidt — Physician

Dr. Schmidt has taken care of my family (mom, dad, four brothers and four sisters) for decades now. We even call him a family friend. When I needed to quickly have my medical forms filled out for a study abroad trip to China, I knew I could count on him to respond. He doesn’t just care about your ailments, but about your life, too. I never had a bad experience at his office.