The Common Mistakes you make while Landscaping your Yard

Your home is your castle and working to make your castle more beautiful is one of your top goals. People do every possible thing to give their endearing establishment an exceptional look and landscaping tops the list of the things that can help you renovating your home, but sometimes while giving it an out of the box look people overdo it, making everything a mess. So, in order to ignore that unwanted, awkward situation while landscaping your yard you mustn’t make the common landscaping mistakes that are usually done by many. Here’s the list of top mistakes that people make while beautifying their premises with landscaping:

1. Excessive Lawn Decor –People in order to beautify their lawn, put too many accessories or ornaments (decorative items) and end up ruining the real charm and stealing the natural beauty of the yard. Hence, before using any lawn ornament make sure that it is necessary, is adding some charm to the landscape and going well with the theme.

2. Forget Recycling –Landscaping projects tend to produce a big amount of waste, which most people don’t realize when they set out to plan a landscape. Recycling is an essential step that should not be forgotten and should be done time to time properly. Use right fertilizers, right compost and right method for recycling. This will help your plants to grow well and stay healthy to beautify your lawn.

3. Wrong Plantation –By wrong plantation, I mean the ‘wrong place’ and using the ‘wrong pot’. People often plant the herbs, flowers and trees in the places where the sunlight can’t reach, which results in damaged and weak plants overtime. Hence, pay attention while putting the plants and know each plant well before fixing its place as each plant is different, needs different amount of sunlight, water and air. Also, make sure that you’re using the right pot according to the plant by keeping its ‘future growth’ in mind.

4. Cutting Grass Shorter — It’s a common myth that cutting the grass too short leads to less mowing. But that’s actually not true. In fact, when you cut the grass shorter you are doing more harm than good. If you scalp the lawn repeatedly, it could result in a bare patch overtime, which could make it too inviting for insects and/or susceptible to disease.

5. Forgetting the Window View –It is the mistake that ruins all your hard work and planning. Landscaping means to give your home a new life and it can’t be complete if you don’t give it a window view. What’s the sense of having a lawn that you can’t see and enjoy from a window while sitting in your living room? So, make sure you don’t make that mistake and place the plants right in front of your window and feel refreshed, energized and giggle gaily whenever you look at them!

Now, you must have got an idea of how to make a good landscape and how to use it in beautifying your house instead of ruining its charm. But, doing it all by yourself can be hectic and traumatic. Hence it’s suggestible to look for the professional landscapers for your garden architecture design and landscaping. These professional know landscaping better and can make your endearing establishment look extraordinary!

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