One Year With Ikea’s Second-Cheapest Sleeper Sofa
Nicole Dieker

I know the Solsta is not a good couch, but I’m surprised I’m the only one here who has positive memories and enjoyed the thing! I bought it for my sophomore year dorm room, when my best friend and I lucked out with a former triple on the top floor of the dorm, that was being billed as a double (a far cry from our other best friend’s “economy triple” the year before!). It probably helps that back then, the Solsta was only $129 instead of the $189 it’s sold for for the past four or five years. But so many people slept on that futon, with an extra sleeping bag layer under the sheets and nice bedding on top. My brother still uses it five years later, although he has a nicer couch that doesn’t sink when you sit on it, and he has use a blanket to cover up the weird stains from cleaning the non-colorfast gray fabric.

BUT buying a REAL couch is really exciting!

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