Find Great Hunting Land: Get Your Big Game Hunting On

You get up early, place a call to your friend to ensure that it is still OK to hunt on their land. Although they don’t answer, you are fairly certain that hunting deer on their property will work today, because it always has in the past. You call your friends on your way out the door who you are introducing to hunting to make sure they are on their way. Half an hour later, while unloading your gear, you get called back. Your farmer friend moved cows onto pasture early this year and the property is no longer available.

Big Game Hunting Motives

Many people hunt for food, for fun, and for the personal challenge it requires of them. Although reasons vary, at the end of the day you hunt because of the moments that take your breath away, the feeling of achievement at the end of the day and the knowledge that you have brought food necessary for survival into your home.

The motive for big game hunting goes deep into each hunter’s psyche, but why should a private landowner give you access to their land to hunt? Although the reasons for this are as varied as the reasons you hunt, the predominate reason is profit-motive. Farmers, ranchers and other landowners need to keep their property earning cash in off seasons and increase profits even when their farmland isn’t being used for farming.

Additionally, many farmers and ranchers face deer, elk and other big game which damage crops and livestock. The cost of managing disease and losing crops due to big game wildlife eats into their profits and provides motives for landowners to open their property to you, a big game hunter.

Things to Look for In Great Hunting Land

Great hunting land depends upon your desires as a hunter. Access, game types, terrain and ecology are all unique factors you set up in your plans. Finding the right spot requires having information available at your fingertips so that you can choose based upon your desires.

There are two ways to find this information. The first is traditional scouting, where you go out looking for an ideal hunting location in your desired area. After finding it, you go to a local records office and find the contact information for the owner of the property and then give them a call to see if the parcel is available for you. This is very time consuming and often requires building long-term relationships with landowners to recover the cost of finding their property.

The second method of finding the information to determine great hunting land is to utilize the power of the sharing economy and information systems. Find an online community where landowners will enter their property’s information, game types, cost of leasing and availability. Search the available properties for one that seems to be ideal, use the site’s communication features to let them know you are coming and go try it out. This gives you the abilities to find new locations and communicate effectively with landowners to prevent the situation at the beginning of this article.

Sharing Economy for Hunters

A new site for hunters and landowners, LandToHunt, builds precisely the type of community necessary for leasing hunting land. It gives landowners the control necessary to manage their crops, herds and other projects while communicating to hunters what plots are available.

For hunters, it gives a searchable database of available properties with means to lease out for hunting. Go check it out!

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