Barack Obama, his wife Michelle Obama and their daughters Malia and Sasha stand at the “Door of No Return” during their visit to the Cape Coast Castle, a former slave holding facility in Cape Coast, Ghana Photo: REUTERS

The symbolic and emotional bonds that the African Diasporan community has with its African homelands have remained for decades. Even today, both young and old Diasporans have sought to explore their rich heritage through diverse means, including trips back to their African countries of origin. Through these trips, and by visiting powerful memorials, Diasporans continue to discover and appreciate the lasting legacy of their African ancestors. Furthermore, this homecoming allows African Diasporans to have a deeper understanding of the role that the tragic Trans-Atlantic slave trade played in shaping this legacy. …

Black Panther’s main character T’challa wears Ghanaian Kente with pride

In Black Panther, Marvel’s world famous Superhero movie, audiences were dazzled by the strikingly beautiful outfits worn by the cast of superstars. The colors and styles of the costumes were vibrant, fresh and undeniably African. The film paid homage to a range of traditional African fashion styles and influences; from Tuareg fashion in North Africa to Zulu fashion in South Africa. It’s no surprise then that arguably one of the most famous fabrics of African origin, Kente cloth from Ghana, was highlighted as part of the royal garment for T’Challa, the films charismatic main character. When T’challa walked out confidently…

A chief dazzles the audience with a dance performance at a traditional festival durbar (credit: Lema concepts)

Have you ever experienced the excitement of a Traditional Festival? Usually quiet mornings are charged with a sense of anticipation built up from weeks of preparation. Local communities bustle with happy conversations about upcoming festivities. Family members from all over the country and world return home to warm welcomes and delicious meals. And above all, everyone from traditional leaders to young children, become deeply invested in and celebrate the traditional culture of the community.

It’s said that at least thirty traditional festivals are celebrated each year in Ghana. Within this larger group there are about ten major festivals that are…

Developing African Tourism through African Unity’

In 2017 Ghana commemorated 60 years of independence with great pride and fanfare. Under the leadership of the new government, there was a strong effort to ensure that this landmark anniversary in Ghana’s history was honored with a spirit of deep reflection, national solidarity and renewed hope for a more prosperous future. In fact, the official title and theme for the anniversary was “Ghana: 60 years on, Mobilizing for Ghana’s Future”.

A name is a powerful thing. It’s one of the cornerstones of culture and society all over the world. They’re universal and yet deeply personal. A name may tie person to a country, religion, or ethnicity but more importantly, a name ties a person to a family and that’s what makes each name uniquely beautiful.

Descendants of African Slaves Receive Atonement in Ghana

Through washing of feet the people of Salaga symbolically ask for forgiveness for their role in the Slave Trade

PANAFEST (The Pan-African Festival), which takes place every two years, serves as a vehicle for bringing Africans on the continent and in the Diaspora together around issues such as the legacy of the slave trade, culture and tourism. PANAFEST is important on many levels. On one hand it allows for a somber reflection of the traumatic, long lasting effects of the Slave trade on African peoples. On the other hand it’s also an occasion to celebrate the diversity and resilience of African culture, in spite of its difficult past. It’s a unique…

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