Why I believe that ARK is an underdog.

Landuydt Steven
Aug 9, 2018 · 3 min read

ARK wants to eliminate the access threshold in the blockchain space caused by the immense complexity of the technology. ARK will do for blockchain what Wordpress did for website development. ARK focuses on blockchain technology with push buttons (Point Click Blockchain.) And by focusing their efforts on meeting the needs of companies, startups and developers as a first-class customer base. ARK enables a simplified implementation of custom block chains, while enabling the implementation of a wide range of services.

The value proposition of ARK lies in that core platform and the usefulness of the services that they will incorporate into their ecosystem. Services such as the ability to connect to different blockchains via SmartBridge technology. SmartBridge enables ARK to move data from one blockchain to another using special encrypted listener nodes that can interchange and process data back and forth between different chains. With the ArkVM integration, all ARK blockchains will also be able to use smart contracts and simultaneously work on an IPFS-based blockchain storage solution.

The ARK platform will be a great place for future blockchain developers to wet their feet in this burgeoning industry. With ARK they can customize a blockchain for their companies with the functions that their companies need, with an all-in-one ARK blockchain sandbox.

While building all of this, they continue to support community-outreach initiatives through partnerships with university hackathons, local meetings and sponsoring of large conferences. ARK does everything it can to preach the gospel of blockchain to developers, hobbyists, or really anyone who will listen. They will also advise and assist new blockchain projects that want to develop their use cases and are powered by ARK technology.

ARK has researched many options and chose to settle in France with a SCIC as legal form (similar to an LLC, more about this can be found here http://www.les-scic.coop/sites/fr/les- scic / les-scic / qu-est-ce-qu-une-scic.html)

Short history of crypto-regulation in France.

After the AMF (Autorité des Marchés Financiers) has adopted a suspicious attitude towards cryptocurrencies with crypto-websites, France has recently changed its position in the direction of digital currencies and ICOs. The AMF is the French competent government agency that draws up ICO regulations to supplement the law and to enforce the regulation and punishment of possible violations throughout France.

Recently, the French politician Bruno Le Maire declared that the French blockchain and crypto sectors now have full support from the government. The French Minister of Finance added that “France will not miss the Blockchain revolution”.

On January 15, 2018, a working group led by “Monsieur Bitcoin” Jean-Pierre Landau was established to help regulate the crypto-ecosystem and has shown France’s desire to keep cryptocurrencies closer than ever before.

To create a fraud-free and dynamic crypto environment that protects investors, France mentioned the need to professionalise ICO space with new regulations and perhaps even rating agencies. The new legal framework drawn up by the AMF will deal with this issue in depth.

On 5 July 2018, Jean-Pierre Landau stated that it was not necessary for France to regulate Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Earlier this year, the virulent critics of the French official against Bitcoin were badly received by the Fintech industry. Nowadays, however, some new regulations seem to support the emerging world of cryptocurrencies in Europe and France.

Where does France go with regard to crypto regulations?
France has shown a growing interest in cryptocurrencies and ICOs (or Initial Coin Offerings), a form of crowdfunding with the issue of tokens for funds that have been collected and used to launch innovative crypto projects.

On April 26, 2018, a new French regulation for cryptocurrency taxes appeared that favors investors with a flat tax rate of 19 percent lower than a foreman 45 percent. This followed a new BTC classification as “movable property” by the Council of State.

The blockchain space has still not been tested in France, but the creation of the working group and the new taxation for Bitcoin offer a new and progressive perspective.

The future of ICOs in France is rosy
Encouraged by a new European initiative to visit countries

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