Homeless and Reno

As a student who was homeless for a period of time in 2014, I found the topic of homelessness in Reno to be a topic I would like to research. No one is immune to becoming homeless it can seemingly happen overnight and that’s one of the scariest things. Coming from the bay area San Jose, California in particular I experienced cultural diversity at its finest along with enough homeless people to construct a military force. You see the homeless almost everyday on your weekly trip to Walmart to pick up some groceries you see the same two homeless people, most of us roll our windows up and brush them to the side such as this. The chilling truth is that those people have a story, not all are perfect there a good majority that were drug or alcohol induced but for every bad story you hear you also have to take into account the ones who lost their job and a loved one overnight. As a 20-year-old student having to fend for myself with no parental support I was lucky enough to have a best friend whose mother allowed me to stay on the couch while I was job hunting and simultaneously attending school. Below I have several embedded articles that I feel people need to see and hear. There are organizations and people who care about the homeless such as the VOA the Volunteers of America but there is more that can be done and more that needs to be done. This video was uploaded by students at UNR to help promote the homeless issue in Reno.

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