What is ungodliness?

I think that for a very long time, we have all known about the Christians who are persecuted in China. In this article, it states the trials that two churches have recently been raided, and its members either detained or now in hiding. Many of my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ will look at this and simply say “Its because China is an ungodly nation”. And that made me really think as a read a chapter from the Jerry Bridges book “Respectable Sins”. What is ungodliness? According to Bridges, this can be defined as such- “Ungodliness may be defined as living one’s everyday life with little or no thought of God, or of God’s will, or of God’s glory, or of one’s dependence on God”. I read that, and it just hit me. I am a Christian, and a college student: I want to do all things to the glory of God (even those papers that I’ve procrastinated on), but how often do I actually think of God? Sure, I read my Bible in the mornings and spend time in prayer. But is that enough? Is fifteen or twenty minutes of an entire day enough to give to God? The one who created and saved me, and gives me life. After reading Bridges’ book, I’d argue that it is not. So in that respect, I am no different from those that persecute my brothers and sisters in China. I can be just as “ungodly” as they are, simply by ignoring Him throughout my day. In the end, that’s just as bad. So how do we remedy this as Christians who may be in the same situation I am in? I’d say that we should start by doing, as Paul taught us many times, to do all things to the glory of God. Think about all the things we do in a day, and how we can do them to the best of our abilities to glorify Christ. I would start by suggesting something that we all could do as a unified body: let’s band together and pray earnestly for our brothers and sisters that are persecuted in China and around the world, and let us also pray for their prosecutors, hoping to make a change in their hearts. Maybe by praying for the change in theirs, something will change in ours.

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