i knew ‘metal’ was supposed to be ‘mental’ — a typo.
Ishi Crew

The people have spoken today, and half the country supports Trump. There was no “Blue Wave” as predicted. Democrats gained seats in the House, but lost seats in the Senate and state governor’s mansions. Trump did better in his midterms than Bill Clinton and Obama did in their midterms.

I do not think calling half the country racist and sexist is helpful, especially when there were elected Republicans that were Latino, Black, and female.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Republicans reject globalization, because they want self-sufficient communities. Americans are working on community based: business, manufacturing, agriculture, arts, crafts, and even community currencies. That is the opposite of globalization. TPP would have put the multinationals firmly in control, and killed “buy local” forever.

Republicans never said climate change doesn’t exist. They said assumed man made change was wrong, and this a new normal like the end of the Ice Age. Telling cities sinking underwater that magical technologies will save them is cruel. They need a Venice or Holland solution.

There have been Americans displaced by Mexicans, but it’s hard to prove because they’re mostly displacing other minorities. There are NAACP court cases against Mexicans.

The Trump family built their business over generations. It wasn’t just his father. Sometimes it was the women that ran the business. Trump was never supposed to inherit the family business. His older brother died from drug addiction. So, he had to give up whatever plans he had for himself and took over the family business.

I don’t know about his father. I don’t judge people by their parents, because it’s not a choice. I do judge people by their children. Trump educated the girls the same as the boys. If you want to know what Trump thinks of women, then look at Ivanka. Daughters being groomed like a boy is very rare in the world.

If they kick Trump out of the DC hotel building, then they will demolish the building. Nobody wants an old post office. All the fancy stuff is Trump’s magic. It’s a post office from the 1800s. It doesn’t have the right architecture for retail space. Trump is the one keeping it a historic landmark.