SEO of A Wordpress Site without SEO Plugin

It may seem pretty strange but it is the fact that there are many people who use Wordpress for developing their websites but they do SEO without SEO plugins for which Wordpress SEO is quite popular. SEO plugins make it pretty easy for the websites owners to set the right base of their websites but most of the pros believe that SEO plugins offer the features which are not normally required; and they are quite right about it.

One thing worth mentioning here is that this article is not aimed at persuading people not to use SEO plugins offered by Wordpress. The purpose is to tell you that you can take control of SEO in your wordpress website without the use of SEO.

SEO plugins are very useful

It would again be worth mentioning that SEO plugins are very beneficial, and that any person wanting to have smooth operations running in their SEO campaign should stick to the use of SEO plugins. These plugins are particularly beneficial for the ones who do not know about SEO coding, have no idea about HTACCESS, and consider robots.txt file nothing less than a mystery.

The benefit of SEO plugin in this scenario is that its use can allow you to perform complex SEO operations without having to deal with the coding and other complexities which only the pros can deal with.

Reason you may not need SEO plugins

It would be worth mentioning here again that if you are not good at coding, you need to stick with the use of SEO plugins because they can allow you to run your SEO operations without any hiccup. However, if you are a pro, you may agree with the fact that advanced SEO through plugins can sometimes lead to bugs which can halt your SEO operations.

In order to take control of the SEO, you need to make sure that you get what you require. Advanced SEO, which is commonly managed by pros, usually requires the functionalities which may not be available in plugins. So, you may be able to deal with the code and do something in pretty customized manner. A few reasons you may find doing SEO without plugins useful are worth mentioning.

  • Sometimes, the features in a particular plugin and those available in wordpress by default can match. This duplication can make things a bit confusing.
  • Bug can come into play due to complexity of plugins. It usually happens when you have to install several plugins and they tend to function in a simultaneous manner. However, it really doesn’t mean that any particular SEO plugin can be buggy.
  • Without the use of SEO plugins, you can have greater control over SEO of your website.