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  • Actually that is only partially true, in my view at least. No, animals are not created so that we can keep them captive or harm them for our own pleasure. Those things are agreeably horrible things to do. But eating animals is not wrong. PETA is an organization that started out with the intent to protect animals against physical abuse. They’ve since turned into a front for people who just want attention to hide behind. If a person truly wanted to stop any and all use of animals for the leisure of humans, then they must cease consuming any and all dairy, fish, meat of any kind. Stop buying products from manufacturers who use any animal product. Stop wearing anything wool, the list goes on. Animals, just like the Earth were created for the use of man. Not to be taken advantage of or destroyed, but used respectively. The writer of this article(who I am becoming more and more impressed with) was stating a fact that actually agrees with your beliefs. The gorilla did what it did with an attempt to do harm. That much is evident and to deny it is lunacy. If there was any faulty parenting done, the parents would be behind bars before the newspaper hit the sidewalk. I think it would be reasonable to question the safety of the exhibit if a toddler could crawl through and fall ten or so feet into the den of a 300+ gorilla. The zookeepers were very rational and did the right thing in stopping an obviously very dangerous situation. The fact that people are holding the value of a gorillas life over that of a child is sickening. I would not want to be them when the day of judgment arrives.
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