Common Misconceptions About Racism — Pt. I
Wren Jackson

I appreciate your respect in responding to my comment. I do agree I may have strayed off the topic of that article now that I reread my comment. I was responding to what I thought was the reasoning behind the argument.

I also was not aware of the dating site bias, though I have heard of the “advancements in gynecology” found by the slave owner and that does sadden me greatly. Many things we know about the human body have come from such terrible acts and it is very inhumane.

That being said, I talked about something in a response to a comment which was much less respectful than you are. I agreed that African-Americans are told they are valued less and thus start to believe it. What I do not agree with(at least for the rude comment made by the other person) was where it came from. I believe it came from people like Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, Whoppie Goldburg, and channels like CNN and MSNBC. They teach that hate exist where there isn’t any because that’s how they make their money. Our current president has done nothing but pour fuel on this fire.

Now as far as Trump goes, I 100% agree with you. He is racist because that’s what his supporters want, not all, but most. Not every Trump supporter is a white supremacist, but every white supremacist is a Trump supporter. There are reports that he doesn’t let African-Americans count his money or be on the same floor of any of his buildings as he is. That is pure bigotry.

Though it is not taught in our schools, there have been, and still are, white slaves. Though Black Slavery is the most well know and most referenced epidemic, it is not the only one. The enslavery of any person regardless of race is wrong and that is just a fact. All men are created equal… yeah.

Because African-Americans are taught that white people hate them, they grow up to believe it. It’s a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy. If you tell a person that they are going to grow up and never going to succeed because a person who looks different than them hates them and won’t let them succeed, they’re not going to succeed. If they are told that their only choice is a life of two-bit crime, that’s what they’re going to do. I believe that is why the population diversity is the way it is. Not because African-Americans are innocently locked up for no reason. We have to many people demanding equality(which they should fight for) to let that happen.

Police brutality is a thing. Anyone who says it isn’t doesn’t want to believe it. The last few years, we’ve seen so much of it on the news, though I would say half those cases were proved that the officer was in the right. The riots in Fergoson were not justified by any means.

Black Lives Matter is not justified. It is your opinion to believe it is, but I must disagree. While what they claim to be their message does have validity, it is nothing but a bunch of bullies who push people around and destroy property. They are not peaceful like Dr. King taught us we should be. Neither are the Black Panthers. They were never peaceful and still aren’t. A group who sends “soldiers” to stand in front of voting booths with night sticks to greet people during the election of the first African-American president is not justified by any means. The NAACP and Black Caucus, along with all the scholarships are not hateful groups and I apologize if that is what I made to appear I believed. The reason I included these was to say that these groups along with the other more hateful and violent associations are created to benefit the African-American people. Some are a benefit, some are not. But these groups do guarantee the rights of the people they claim to support.

I know that racism is a problem. I have felt it and it was bigotry. My point of the article was to say that people continue to hold the anger of the injustice felt during the 50's and 60's, but times are not that bad anymore. All of that anger harms them more than it does any good. People are attacking Trump supporters because they claim to represent peace for African-Americans. One such person pulled a man out of his truck in my city while the riots shit down a freeway and began to beat him because he was wearing a red hat. This man was not a Trump supporter.

Anger for injustice is justified. But violence is not that answer and feeding into lies told to line the pocketbooks of bigots doesn’t do anyone any good.

Thank you for your comment and I did leant something and I appreciate that. Have a good day! :)