Meanwhile on a Parallel Earth…
Thaddeus Howze

Wow. Alright first off, I mistyped at the end. I meant to type unneeded unhappiness. People who put so much focus on how they are being cheated because of their skin color, more times than not this is not the case, tend to be less happy.

Now, despite what you may think my opinion is, I am the only person who can say what MY opinion is. My opinion is that this writer IS very good and IS very observant, unlike you. Now, I may have chosen not to be as even-keel as I usually am when writing articles and responding to comments. That is because I too felt passionately about this article. Now, I do believe that racism does exist, as I have explained. But I do not believe it exist on such a major level as it did say thirty or fourth years ago. Despite what our current President(who I’m sure you put your name next to two elections in a row) tells you. Racism is not a national epidemic anymore. Most people have more going on in their lives than to care about someone who doesn’t like them, at least that’s what we learned in kindergarten. You must have missed that day.

No I don’t have an editor. If you chose to do your research, you would know I’ve already said that in past articles. Most people on here don’t have editors. This isn’t a newspaper or a book. This is a social network for journalism.

Now, I don’t care what your race is, you have the right to believe whatever you want and I will die to defend your right. I may not agree with it, as I have explained in the article, but I will defend it. I doubt you would do the same to me since you feel the need to tell me my opinion isn’t worth anything.

From your point of view(and please correct me if I’m wrong), based on the population of correctional inmates and the majority race living in poorer neighborhoods, the “1%” at the top are to blame. If I’m correct, then I would say, once again, you have a right to your opinion, but I disagree. Your statistics are correct, but I believe you are placing blame in the wrong place.

The people who are in prison are there for a reason. Why some may be wrongly accused, it’s rare. I believe the reason that African-American people populate a great percentage of the prison systems stems from the childhood struggles they grow up with. This leads into the slums of America. Now, I personally believe that despite the constant oppression placed on EVERYONE by the government, every person has the ability to make themselves into what they want to be. There are countless examples of wealthy people from all races. Surprisingly, a lot of them turn around and say their race is being shorted. I do not believe that that the “1%” keep people from succeeding. I believe it is the person who the oppressed choose to listen to that convinces them of injustice. People like Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, Whoopie Goldberg, channels like CNBC, and the seemingly less beloved man Barack Obama.

This is my opinion, the way I see things and I welcome you to disagree. You may not be able to change my opinion and that is okay. It’s all apart of that Constitution thing you mentioned, which I study adamantly by the way.

Now I stand behind my comments and would make them again. You cannot sensor me and unlike some people out there, calling my opinions worthless will not scare me off.

But, I do appreciate your comments and I will take them under consideration if for nothing other than to improve myself as a writer. I hope you have a pleasant day.

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