Let Me Remind You Fuckers Who I Am
Hillary Clinton [parody]

The reason she is so terrible has nothing to do with her having or lacking external genitalia. She is complicit in some of the worst foreign policy decisions in american history that have increased insecurity in the middle-east and provided fertile ground for organizations like ISIS to take root. The email scandal is important — if anyone else had pulled what she pulled they would be in jail. Letting her off the hook has created a double standard in american justice, setting the precedent that if you are a Clinton the rules don’t apply to you. Not to mention the conflict of interest with her “charity” that has profited off of regime changes in Africa aimed at supporting leaders who allow their countries resources to be extracted at the expense of the people living there. The examples are countless. She is evil and if you are voting just based on her having a Vagina, that is really disappointing because it should have nothing to do with who you vote for.