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Happy New (second half of the) Year!

Re-resolutions are totally a thing.

Lane Brown
Jul 2 · 4 min read

I stood in my kitchen gazing out the window without a particular focus, in the general direction of the backyard. I could hear the kids playing in the other room and the dog behind me on the floor, licking peanut butter out of a dog toy. I could feel my life force slowly draining from me into a puddle at my feet.

I felt listless, even though I was fully engaged with a list of chores meant to propel the summer along toward its terminus at the start of school in eight weeks (I wasn’t counting until I wrote this, then I did, and I’ve decided that was a very bad idea.)

My children have been on summer vacation less than a month. We have already attended two sets of day camps, swim lessons, play dates and the county fair. We have eaten s’mores and been visited by two different sets of family members. We have visited Dad’s office, the beach, historical monuments, worked on training the dog, practiced reading, crafted, and given up television and screens altogether.

We’ve been appropriately bored, stimulated, fed, watered, and slathered with sunscreen (nope, take that back, according to the packaging you can never have on enough sunscreen. We have been semi-adequately slathered with sun screen), according to everything I have read online.

I read online because I gather news in fleeting moments in between scraping Play Doh off the floor, approving snack requests or asking if someone has put on sunscreen. I have also played at least 75 levels of WordScapes while hiding in the bathroom evading my kids, looking in the mirror and lamenting the state of pimples on my bared shoulders. I have refreshed my Facebook and Instagram feeds no less than 5,000 times on my phone in hopes that some deep spiritual wisdom might appear among the smarmy witticisms about children being cute so we don’t murder them over summer vacation.

I started jotting down accomplishments from the first half of the year in hopes that it might make me feel like my life was not entirely coming unglued in a matter of weeks after school letting out for summer.

The resolutions we make in January are intoxicating, the first two weeks after setting them feels like a new relationship. Promise puts a spring in your step, glimmer in your eye and a rosy glow in your cheeks. But it’s summer, so that rosy glow could just be sunburn at this point (never enough!). So with the official second half of the year upon us, I declare it’s time for re-resolutions!

Go ahead, look back at that vision board you made back in January out of old issues of “O Magazine” and “Magnolia Journal” while ingesting heavy hors d’oeuvres and La Croix (the Pamplemousse vintage, of course). Or peruse the Buffalo Wild Wings napkin on which you hastily wrote a few ideas down during the Super Bowl. Any resolution before Valentine’s Day counts.

Think about the resolutions that don’t make sense anymore. perhaps because your life has taken a new exciting turn, you have accomplished them, or your senses are no longer dulled by a food coma induced by ingesting a plate of hot wings.

In particular, adjust those goals that have now become humanly impossible between now and December 31st. But not before first researching how much sleep humans can effectively operate on before their organs begin to shut down.

The timing is right to re-vamp the resolutions. It’s been six months, that’s a reasonable enough period of time to pursue Keto, Jazzercise, embroidery, or slacklining before deciding that it’s just not for you.

We’ve got 182.5 days left. Let’s make the most of it!

That said, when updating resolutions in the middle fo the summer, make sure to update your resolutions to match the energy and brain power you have available over the next couple months, especially if you are a default parent at home with kids on a break from school. If that is the case, think more along the lines of resolving to wear pajamas until lunch, eating ice cream every day, helping your kids find roly polys, or just remembering to turn on the sprinklers so you can watch your dog eat the water while his lips flap around from the water pressure. That kind of entertainment will last years longer than any resolution.

Lane Brown

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