July 13th Thursday Thoughts


Random Thoughts and What I’m doing this past week……

BOOK I JUST FINISHED — Real Happiness “ The Power of Meditation”

In this four-week program, Salzberg explores the practice of insight meditation which is the simple and direct practice of moment-to-moment awareness. This Buddhist practice strengthens attention through the cultivation of concentration, mindfulness, and compassion (or lovingkindness). One of the less emphasized benefits of meditation, according to Salzberg, is that it is “a clear, straightforward method for improving relationships with family, friends, and everyone else we meet.”

Excellent book on the Power of Meditation and the benefits we receive in all areas of our lives.

Score 9/10

HEALTH and FITNESS — Box Breathing App

Mark Divine is a Navy Seal commander who developed this App. I love it and use it every morning before I start my day.

ENTERTAINMENT — The Birth of a Nation

It made me appreciate that although I have had tough challenges in my life, many have had even worse. I love to watch the revolutionary war period during July.

Score 7/10

SPIRITUAL — The Power of Intention Wayne Dyer

Everyone should watch this video and resolve to become a better human being though Wayne Dyers insight. One of my favorites of all time

To Watch -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JzU4cF8frWs


GYM — Shooting Stars — Bag Raiders

WORK — Sweet Water — Dean Evenson

SEMINAR TRAINING -Developing a Personal Ethos — Robert Schoultz

QUOTE OF THE WEEK — “ If you can’t lead yourself, you can’t lead others, Mastery of our lives is true leadership “

Lane Olsen

To your Success!


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