October 19, Thursday Thoughts

Random Thoughts and What I’m doing this past week……

BOOK I JUST FINISHED — Living With a Seal— Jesse Itzler

Living with a SEAL documents the time Jesse Itzler hired a Navy SEAL to live with him and train him for 30 days. The book was one of the most enjoyable book I have read in many years, it actually had me laughing out loud many times.

I would recommend it to my friends and coaching clients. It was an easy read, and fun to read the shenanigans that ensued when Mr. Itzler hired a Navy SEAL to live with him and train him for 30 days. Living with a SEALwas one of the fastest books I’ve read in a while because I couldn’t get enough of his workouts and the sheer insanity of this training! If you’re looking for a fun read to ignite your passion to work out and continue to challenge yourself for results, this is the book for you.

Score 10/10

HEALTH and FITNESS — Bird Dog Push-ups

A bird dog is a simple exercise done on your hands and knees where you reach with opposite arm and opposite leg to strengthen your core and activate your glutes. Blend it with a pushup, however, and you’ll work a lot of muscles all at once for more cardio and more calories burned.

Score 10/10

ENTERTAINMENT — Radomysl Castle Museum Kiev

Radomyshl is one of the Ukraine’s oldest towns. Archaeological evidences date the first appearance of human beings on its territory by 35–40 thousand years B. C. It is under the year 1150 when Radomyshl, known by then as Mychesk or Mykgorod, was mentioned in chronicles for the first time. However, Slavonic tribes built their hillforts already in the 7th c. A. D.

Between 1612 and 1615, the paper mill was built in Radomysl by the monks of Kyiv Pechersk Lavra. It was also built as a defense structure to fight back enemies, mainly Crimean Tatars. But its main purpose was to produce paper for books printed in the Lavra’s typography. In the middle of the 17th c, during the War of Independence of Ukraine or maybe in the period of the Ruin that followed the war, the paper mill was destroyed. In 1902, a new building was made upon the remains of the old paper mill using its stones. The architect was Pekarski, a Polish engineer. Since then, the former paper mill was used as a flour mill. It had been working up to 1989, and then it was abandoned and turned into the town’s dump.

Score 10/10

SPIRITUAL — Nightly Walks

Going on my daily walks gets me closer to my creator and calms my soul and helps with creativity.

Score 10/10


GYM — Sick of It — Skillett

WORK — Reverie, L.68 — Claude Debussy

SEMINAR TRAINING -High Performance Academy

At High Performance Academy LIVE, you’ll learn four critical concepts to reaching your full potential:

1. PSYCHOLOGY MASTERY will show you how to focus your mind, cultivate confidence, and make more positive decisions in life.

2. PHYSIOLOGY MASTERY will help you rediscover your body’s incredible energy and power by taking back control of your nutrition, workout routines, daily energy practices, and rejuvenation cycles.

3. PRODUCTIVITY MASTERY will give you practical tools and advanced strategies for discerning your priorities, managing your days, and accomplishing more with joy and sanity.

4. PEOPLE & PERSUASION MASTERY will help you influence others like the world’s most powerful speakers, leaders, and marketers so that you can get support for your dreams and make your difference.Garrett is a bit unorthodox on his approach on training men, however he knows his stuff and I would highly recommend any man to take there game to the next level.

Many of the trainings I have known previously but I have learned and implemented some new techniques. He is the best marketeer in the business.

Score 10/10

QUOTE OF THE WEEK — “ Where victims see adversity, extreme achievers see opportunity”

Lane Olsen

To your Success!


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