The 5 Gifts of Abundance

Like attracts like. In order to attract prosperity it is necessary to feel prosperous.

The way to feel prosperous just as you are today is to inventory your current abundance and to be grateful for it.

Each of us has talents and abilities but yet, we fail to tap into our inner greatness.

1. The Gift of Love

Make a list of the friends and family members who would be there for you right now if you called and asked them for help. There is your abundance of love.

Make a list of the people whom you love. Then make a list of the people who love you. That is certainly abundance.

2. The Gift of Talents

Make a list of your gifts. Write down all of your talents. Be sure to include the things people are always complementing you on even if you think they are just “little things” like baking great cookies, the way you decorate your home, your lovely garden, your great sense of humor, your zest for life… whatever comes to mind.

Consider all of your interests and activities and think what talents are involved with those. Think of business-related talents you may have. List them all. Have a friend help you brainstorm. See how rich you are? You have all those talents! Give thanks for them. Many of them could probably be used to start a small business if you were so inclined. There is more prosperity.

3. The Gift of Giving

The first thing you need to do when seeking abundance, is to think of some of the abundance you already have. You need to get rid of the old to make way for the new.

It’s time to really declutter. Get rid of every old, out of style, worn, never liked it in the first place, outdated, ugly thing in your home.

You know the drill. Get three boxes: one for giving away, one for throwing away and one for keeping. Then start sorting. Be especially generous with that give away box. The more you give, the more you will receive. Now when the new abundance comes, you won’t have to rent a storage unit.

Get rid of denial, too, while you’re getting rid of debris and unwanted garbage. Get rid of old, unneeded thoughts about being undeserving or not worthy to partake in the abundance the universe wants to shower on you.

Know the divine truth that God is source of all good, and that all good things can be yours through the love of our creator. Sweep that doubt right out to the curb and leave it there.

When we live abundantly we are able to lovingly give money away. Stop concerning yourself about what the person you are giving money to is really going to do with the money you are giving. It’s enough that they need it and are asking for it.

Take the person out for a meal yourself if you’re worried they won’t spend it on food. Give with a loving heart. That’s what prosperous people — people like you — do.

We must learn to spend money without negative thoughts. Bless the money as a symbol of the unlimited abundance of the universe. Whatever you spend, affirm that many times that amount is on its way to you to replenish your wallet.

Be sure to tithe ten percent of your income to a church or charity. It’s like putting money in the bank for later. It will come back to you multiplied.

4. The Gift of Time

Give yourself the gift of time. You have abundance in your personal time too. You are the master of time. You are not time’s servant. Take some time off from overwork, stress and worry. Put your feet up and relax. Do some yoga. Get a massage. Go for a walk. Go out and watch the clouds float by.

Feel your abundant life down to your core. Don’t live on your last nerve endings. That’s being stingy with yourself. That is not trusting the universe to provide abundance.

Take a day of personal freedom and do what you want to do. You have an abundance of personal freedom. Close your eyes, relax and remember how you felt the last time you were on top of the world. What did that feel like? Is there any reason you can’t feel like that again? Give your problems to God and to the universe to work out. Enjoy your abundant life.

Feeling prosperous is fully enjoying what you already have. Don’t just eat your food. Savor it. Fully taste and appreciate each morsel as though you hadn’t eaten in a month. Go out or cook in, and get something wonderful — something you have been craving.

Feel the air blowing gently on the small hairs on your body. Smell the fresh air and breathe it in deeply. When you see something beautiful — a painting, a flower, a sunset — stand before it until the eyes of your soul have drunk it in. When you listen to music or a lover’s voice, use new ears, innocent ears, that have not heard such beauty before. Sense how very precious your abundant life is.

Treat yourself like the company you are, don’t save good things for the company that may or may not be coming over. Wear your nicest clothes on an ordinary Wednesday for no other reason except to feel good about yourself.

Live your life as an art form. Celebrate yourself. Bring home fresh flowers tonight just to have them where you can see them and smell them. Light some scented candles. Surround your bathtub with them and have a long, sensual soak. Go somewhere you never imagined finding yourself: a rustic, out of the way bistro in a wooded setting; a jazz club with dim lighting; a church known for its stained glass and outstanding choir, an art museum full of art you’ve never appreciated before.

5. The Gift of Thought

Take delight in being your authentic self with all you encounter. Speak only the truth. Let go of unnecessary attachments. Choose your goals and desires wisely. Pray about them. Miracles will flow to you and yours and they will be exactly the right miracles. Watch what you ask for because you will receive it.

Remember the Law of Visualization: We become what we imagine, positive or negative. It is an unconscious process of the mind. Visualizing is the natural process by which the mind communicates deeply buried feelings and beliefs. We usually choose to act according to the way we envision reality around us and not necessarily the way it actually is.

We have an infinite capacity to produce bold, imaginative ideas and images in our own personal way. Right now as you read this imagine you are holding a lemon in your right hand. It is a bright yellow, shiny lemon about the size of your fist. Feel the rough texture of its skin. Smell it. Observe how it is shaped with one end smaller than the other. Now imagine cutting it in half. See a drop of the juice pour out as you cut. Smell the pungent odor of the lemon. Take a bite out of one piece. Feel your mouth pucker. Spit the seeds out. Let yourself really taste the sour juice sliding down your throat. Okay, now let the image go.

Use that same degree of intense visualization when visualizing the manifestation of your affirmations. Make the visions so real that you spontaneously give thanks for them as you see them. Reach out and touch them. Cast all doubt and negative thoughts aside once and for all.


The abundance that is desired is an enduring quality of God. We can have a sense that we have enough even though we live simply and unpretentiously. We can be abundant in our relationships, our personal freedom, our love, our quality of life, our joy, our talents, our work… There is so much abundance in the universe and so much is already ours for the taking.

Where there is God, there is always enough. The right relationship with God brings us closer to God, and everything changes for the good.

Your own consciousness provides the keys to your abundance. Only the limitations of your own thinking stop you. ` Make room in your life for beauty, passion and love.

It’s the presence of God that you desire to see made manifest. Focus on the source of all good which is God.

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