GEENS — cryptocurrency for non profit

Privacy focused document storage with blockchain timestamping services.
The data you store on Geens is totally private. Even Geens administrators cannot see it. You are the only one who can access and manage it.

1 GB of free end-to-end encrypted cloud storage.
100 GEE Tokens for the first 10 000 users.

What is Geens?

Encrypted document storage

Private document storage is the backbone of the Geens platform. It can be compared to Dropbox or Google Drive, but Geens has a higher level of privacy.

Because of the end-to-end encryption, the unencrypted data never leaves the user’s device. It is first encrypted on the user’s side and only then is sent to the Geens servers.

High security standards guarantee that even in the worst case scenario, there are practically no chances to decrypt and steal Geens user’s data. More about this in

Blockchain timestamping services

Geens encrypted document storage is connected to the Ethereum blockchain. The blockchain as a technology is immutable and incorruptible.

Geens users can timestamp their documents on the blockchain without revealing their document’s content or their own identities.

Typical use cases of document timestamping: to protect copyrights, unique ideas or patents, to prove that the document was signed prior to a specific date, to acknowledge ownership, for virtual IDs and so on. Blockchain timestamps can be used as legal evidences in courts around the globe.

Some Geens users timestamp their files while other users work as legal assistants, consultants or validators and receive GEE tokens in return for their services.

Geens for business

GDPR compliant data protection

Geens database is end-to-end encrypted and managed under “zero knowledge” principle.

Enterprises can use Geens database to securely store their users’ data in order to comply with the GDPR.

Privacy oriented toolset and APIs

Geens toolset and APIs allow developers to leverage Geens privacy platform for many different use cases.

It is possible to integrate into third party applications Geens single sign-on system, encrypted chat, anonymous voting and other tools.

Custom features and individual support

Geens encrypted storage can be customized and hosted on the client servers. It can be themed according to corporate style. It is possible to use Geens infrastructure for custom blockchain use cases. Support and plans for teams are available.

Geens Platform Token (GEE)

Token distribution
Launch date: November 7, 2017

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