Dear Trump Supporter who says they love me,
Amanda Deibert

I must say, this is the most inane rambling I’ve been subjected to all day. You sit up on some kind of high horse, pretending to have some kind of moral high ground, passing judgment on any who disagree with you, demanding that we be just as terrified of you of the same phantoms that terrify you, or you’re not going to be our friend anymore. Have I got it about right?

Well, allow me to flip the script for you. You say, “Well, maybe you didn’t vote for Trump because of all the terrible things he said, but you didn’t let that stop you, either. And if you voted for him, then you must agree, and if you agree, you’re just as guilty.” all right; mayhap you yourself didn’t want to start a nuclear war with Russia, but that didn’t stop you voting for Hillary, did it? In fact, a lot of things didn’t stop you voting for Hillary: the fact that she’s financed by countries where executing gays is a form of entertainment and rape is legal; the fact that she silenced and intimidated her husband’s victims of sexual assault; or the fact that before she wanted to go to war with Russia, she sold them 20% of the uranium mining rights in the Midwest. Sorry, chickie, but you’re complicit by your own standard.

“But…but…Trump said ‘pussy’ one time! He eats gay people! He’s an anti-Semitic warmonger!” yes, I’ve heard the accusations. Do you know why I’m not worried about locker room talk? Because the prospect of a woman who is willing to let an ambassador die in a terrorist attack while she watches in real-time scares me far more. If she let Stephens die and then lied about it, what will she do to us? And all that crap about him hating gays? Like everything else the Democrats say, that was a lie. No, Bannon’s not an anti-Semite (like they even care), no, Trump’s not gonna round up gays, and those people who allegedly threatened your life? Probably Democrats, paid to scare the hell out of you. And it’s working, ain’t it? After all, you’re willing to judge a whole bunch of people by who they voted for when your candidate was the greatest threat to national security in existence.

The truth is, you are scared because the Democrats lied to you, and you believe the lie. You’d rather go with a candidate whose support for gay marriage is entirely conditional on its effect on her poll numbers. Hey, I get it. Who has time for research and verification these days, amirite?

Well, chickie, judge me all you like. I’m the kind of American you and your lot love to hate. I’m a Pro-gun, Bible-belt-dwelling Jesus freak, and yes, I voted for Trump. I voted for Trump because Hillary is evil incarnate, and Trump was the only Republican I trusted to try to win. And he delivered.

But here’s the thing. I do love you and your crowd, enough to tell you the hard truth rather than coddle you with soft lies. I may not support gay “marriage,” but I am very passionate about your right to keep breathing. I won’t be coerced into baking a wedding cake for a gay ceremony; but I will arm you and train you to shoot, at my own expense if I have to. Hillary would have abandoned you to die if it would get her votes. So judge your friends wisely, chickie. The Trump supporter values your life. Hillary does not.