One Simple Thing — Delete Games From Your Phone

Go and delete all the games from your phone.

Now before you close the browser and whip out Candy Crush just to spite me, hear me out.

I used to find myself constantly reaching for my phone to play games when I was standing in line, waiting for the microwave to beep, or any other myriad of situations that left me with a few free moments.

I prefer my phone to be a tool that improves my life.

But diving into the digital world meant I was completely engrossed in my phone instead of experiencing the world around me and being present.

Once I realized how much time was slipping away to these pointless games, I deleted them all. It was tough. The itch to play didn’t go away for a few weeks, but it did eventually subside. Those games were sucking away my life and providing little value in return. I’m not saying that all video games are a waste of time (I still play my fair share), but in my experience the mobile ones absolutely are.

Having games on your phones turns it into a pacifier, meant to distract you from the mundane things. I prefer my phone to be a tool that improves my life.

And if you’re wondering what to do instead of play games? How about taking a look at your home screen and using one of those productive apps.

The One Thing: Delete all the games from your phone.

Lane Sawyer is an IT consultant at Pariveda Solutions in Dallas, TX. He likes to write novels and articles like this one when he’s not working on some new project or tackling a fun video game. You can find out more about him on his website.