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Running the teenagers around to their Saturday sports events after a week in the office couldn’t feel more mundane and ordinary. The structure on the days are tight and restricting and the schedule is relentless enough to prevent extensive musing and questioning. Yet every piece of media exposure: the car radio, Facebook, the newspapers in the tea room all speak of a world in melt down. Extreme weather events, forests burning, tyrannical leaders literally believing they can buy our world from beneath us. Fires rage as the result of land exploitation and disturbed weather patterns. This is not the calm…

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We are a throw away society. An environment driven by over consumption. A market saturated in short lived disposable items.

We are overwhelmed by media, advertising and marketing. Brightly coloured images encouraging us to spend, realise our dream and consume with a voracious appetite.

Then there is the contradiction. The environmental news. Reports of the latest science around climate change. Images of plastic choking our waterways and polluting our oceans. Accompanying these images are messages to limit our consumption, change to renewable energy systems and consider our waste. Reduce, reuse, recycle.

We currently live in a world of such contradictions…

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Even when you focus on optimism, it is hard not to be concerned about the future. You have to live in an isolated bubble (perhaps on Pluto) with no contact with this world not to be confronted with constant messages of climate change, pollution and excess plastic waste. We are delivered these messages with increasing urgency and intensity and yet the majority of us continue to go about our daily business as though nothing is going wrong.

Listening to the BBC World Service while cleaning the house, I am informed that the Amazon rainforests are now producing more carbon dioxide…

Psychology-Ancient Traditions-Mythology

The winning formula to understanding who you are: take a short course in Psychology, blend with some Ancient Traditions and add a sprinkle of Mythology.

Recently there has been a need to rethink the path ahead. Witnessing a couple of loved and respected colleagues battle life threatening illnesses has mostly prompted this. Our work lives can be stressful and relentless. Getting wrapped up in the daily grind of the working week can leave us fumbling to disconnect the power cord to that treadmill. And wondering why it has been permanently pre-programmed to steep incline.

Hitting this level of…

Colette McEnery-Lane

Reflections on the world from a bewildered perspective.

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