Understanding the Javascript event loop

How I understand the JS event loop, I understand it to be the bridge between cause and affect in a runtime sequence. It acts or provides the consequences of a users action, the JS event loop is imperative. If you want X, then you must do W.

There’s a lot I don’t understand and that I don’t know. The set time out is a new term for me. The Chromes runtime is called v8? I never knew that… I’d like to know more about the task queues… JavaScript is a single threaded programming language, that’s a pretty cool concept I’d like to dive into some more! The call stack is a data structure which records where we are? Is the call stack like an ruby array?!

I could be far off but the JavaScript runtime is composed f two worlds named heap and stack. The heap is where memory allocation happens… Which from a raw perspective the heap as I’d describe it, is a world absent of reason, order and just the co-existence of entities?! I don’t know but it’s a cool idea I want to explore more someday. Then there’s the stack, where the execution of context occurs in a reasonable objective fashion.

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