Figuring Out The Right Tipping To Movers

When you hire professional Orangeburg movers to do your shipment to your new destination, you would face the question of whether to tip the movers or not t. And if it is decided to give a tip, the amount that should be given as tips. Figuring out the right sum could turn out to be quite a complicated process. This article gives few suggestions that would guide you to make the right decision on the amount of tip you should give to the movers.

First, it should be noted that a tip is given to someone for providing good service. If you feel that the services that you receive are not up to your expectations, you do not need to pay a tip to them. A tip is given when the service provider meets your expectations, and may be surpassed them, so there is no need to tip just because they provided you the service.

It is an appropriate step on your part to provide food and drinks to your movers as they do the tough job of loading and unloading your household items. During winter, providing movers with coffee or hot chocolate is perfect, given the cold weather outside. And if it is summer season and the outside temperature is hot, you can provide cold drinks and water. And if it is in the morning when the move is going to be, you can provide breakfast foods like muffins and donuts that would help them eat while working. If it is lunch time, provide sandwiches or pizza to them.

When tipping your movers, decide on the number of people working on the movers’ side. If the number is just one or two persons, tipping between $40 and $60 to be split between the two would be okay. The amount to be paid depends on the level of difficulty in making the move. Were the boxes comparatively heavy? Were they had to use stairs? Do you own awkward furniture? The harder the level of the move, the bigger will be the amount of your tip.

If the number of movers is two or more, tip $20 per person and hand over the entire amount to the person who is officially responsible for the entire crew. See to it that the head mover divides the entire amount among the movers. This would also help the head person to reward the guys as a token of appreciation of their hard work. You do not have to figure out the actual amount that each of the movers should get for their work.

In the end, it is you who decides the amount to pay. If the services provided by the Orangeburg movers go beyond your expectations by doing the perfect packing, including wrapping fragile items, or other important tasks that you would otherwise have to do, you can easily pay as much as $100 as a tip. It must, however, be ensured that they earn their tip, and not as part of their expectation.

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