ZEUX ! A Strong Name With A Smart Idea

A Short Intro

November seems to be a a brighter month for cryptomarket, and once again, ICOs and early phases projects are becoming trendy. But how to make a choice ? What to focus on ? There are few projects to me that worth paying attention as their product, their ideas their team as well as their community are constantly getting wiser. ZEUX, which aims to be “ The world’s first crypto mobile payment and investment app ”, is one of them. So, if you find yourself into the category “I want to manage my assets trustfully and easily within a blockchain app, or even becoming my own bank”, let me introduce what ZEUX will do for you !

Decentralized Money Transfer

To Become your own Bank

This is a question many are talking about within the crypto space. But we are still lacking of concrete applications that can help users to achieve this goal. If you can guess the infinite number of banks there are on this planet, imagine how huge the market could be for the blockchain companies that want to respond to this new demand ! That is what ZEUX will do for you. This project is focusing on a user friendly app that combines ALL IN ONE : Transfer, Investment, Storage, Security, Every day life payment etc… The power of blockchain will indeed allow this new generation of dapps to propose the same secure services as our old fashioned banks while drastically reducing the cost of the whole process (you know, “ the fees” you can find everywhere on your bank account). As Zeux.tech says from the very first pages of its website : “ Zeux will transform existing complicated financial services by combining all of your money essentials from the Fiat and Crypto worlds, helping you to achieve your financial freedom.” In a nutshell, if you are tired of banks and their multiple administrative mistakes, fees and complications, it is worth giving a try, don’t you think ?

Investment platform

Zeux virtual card

Zeux virtual card is the type of product that maybe everybody will use within 10 years. You are probably already using your phone to pay in everyday life with applepay, googlepay or even samsungpay. The principle is the same except that users will be able to pay both in FIAT AND CRYPTOCURRENCIES !

If cryptocurrencies become adopted by the mainstream market, it will be a must have but for the moment, there are so few competitors on the market that manage to respond to this demand ! This is a huge avantage for ZEUX to start this race now with a large advantage to future companies.

Mobile payment with ZEUX virtual card

From early community to future support

Last but not least, the big plus to me is that Zeux team is dedicated to build up a strong community through social media sphere. As we all know, community helps to bring the project to its true value as well as to develop it to the end. Though the project is quite young (ICO stage) compare to others within the crypto space, Zeux has already the maturity to build a strong relationship with its community, on twitter, on telegram and so on. In that sense, it is easier for users to imagine an effective product support and a good customer service, whether you adopt the app at an early stage or after. Even right now, if you need to ask a question or simply want to participate in the project and its several bounties, come and say Hi in Zeux’s Telegram !

Secure KYC service

A clear and focused roadmap

For a little insight, in November ZEUX is planning to :

  • Product soft launch in UK
  • ZeuxCoin ICO

And in the beginning of 2019, once the ICO is complete, everything will accelerate. So be ready ! The app should be released before the end of 2019 in the UK, USA, and Asian market. As you can see ZEUX is focusing on markets with large users pool and a taste for financial services. Their perspectives are focused and clear. I encourage you to check their whole product roadmap and see how far they want to go : http://www.zeux.tech/#product


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