Benefits of learning French as a foreign language in high school

As the world becomes smaller and smaller through technology, travel and business among other things, the need for knowing a foreign language assumes a greater importance than ever before. It is a well-known fact that aspiring candidates who speak more than 2 languages have a better chance at finding a profitable job with high remunerations, whether in their own country or abroad. Many multinational companies have centers spread across the globe that have opportunities for professionals fluent in a foreign language. French, after English, is the second most widely taught language globally. France, being the world’s 5th largest economy, appeals to a wide-ranging fleet of intellectuals, including businesspersons, researchers and students interested in scholarly pursuits.

For students, speaking fluent French will prove to be of much use while applying for higher education at some of France’s best-known universities- the Sorbonne, Pierre Marie Curie University, etc. which prove to be quite accessible owing to their favorable financial terms. Students with qualifying proficiency in French may be eligible to apply for a number of financial grants enabling them to acquire an internationally recognized degree. In addition, French is one of the widely used language of the United Nations, the European Union, UNESCO, NATO, the International Olympic Committee and international courts. Inevitably, proficiency in French is an advantage for all those prospective students considering a career in any such international organization. It would certainly help if the issue of language barrier were to be addressed in advance.

In addition, learning a new language develops the mind and helps open up new horizons, both personally and professionally. As for French, it has its own indefinite benefits. Another benefit of learning French is the familiarization with its opulent culture and literature. French as a language opens up many doors of visual arts, cuisine and fashion. It is a beautiful language that cultivates not only the intellectual aspect of brain but also helps enhance the artistic facet.

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